Awnings for your Brisbane or Melbourne home

Awnings are perfect for the weather in Australia, including the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne which offer very different lifestyles and climates. The amazing benefit of awnings is that they are highly versatile, and are suited to a range of different homes. They are excellent for warm and tropical climates, and they can even be great for colder regions. No matter where you live in Australia, awnings can be an excellent way to extend the living space of your home, while also protecting your home and family from the elements.

Awnings are external window coverings. They attach permanently to the outside of a building, and protrude out over windows and doors. The amount they protrude from the wall can be adjusted by the people living there, so they have complete control over the amount of protection that the awnings offer them.
In Brisbane and Melbourne, there are two types of awnings available. These are fabric awnings which are still designed for exterior use, and are made from both metal and fabric – and there are also aluminium awnings which are completely made from metal. Aluminium awnings are more expensive than fabric ones, but they are much more durable and provide a greater level of protection. They will last longer and be a greater investment for a home that will benefit from what they offer, for many years to come.

Awnings in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its rapidly changing weather conditions. One moment the sun will be beaming down and the next moment clouds are rolling over and the rain is pouring hard. The weather in this part of Australia is also very harsh. When it rains it really rains, when it’s windy there is a gale. The sun can be sincerely hot too, and it can penetrate into homes and create discomfort and damaged furnishings.
The flexibility of awnings means they are perfect for Melbourne weather, because home owners can easily adjust them to suit their needs. Even if the weather changes rapidly, awnings can change too. If you install awnings on your home, you will not be restricted by what they have to offer, just control them so they give you what you need.

Awnings in Brisbane

Brisbane is well-known for its extreme heat, and awnings are perfect for creating little patches of shade so families can enjoy the outdoor environment. If you have a back yard, or even a little porch, you can use an awning to extend your indoor living space to the outdoors. Homes are expensive in Brisbane, but you can maximise the space you have available to you and use every bit of it that you have.
Place an awning on the outside of your Brisbane home, and you will have a beautiful patch of shade that you can use for an entertainment area, to relax in with a good book, or as a sun-safe play area for small children. Whatever you use your extra shade for, you will be grateful that your awning gets you outside in a great, Australian environment.