Best Blinds for Large Windows and Doors

Finding blinds for large windows can be tricky, as most ready-made blinds are made for regular-sized windows, nor do some styles suit large spaces. This can significantly narrow down your options, resulting in the need for expensive custom-made blinds or ill-fitting window treatments. Luckily, there are a few window covering options that are tailor-made for […]

The Styles of Awnings and Awning Mechanisms

Awnings make a wonderful addition to any home, offering protection from light, noise, outside viewers and even protection from potential thieves. But with so many awning options available, it can be easy to see why homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed by choice. In today’s article, we take a deep dive into the different styles of […]

Best Blinds for Bedrooms to Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly beneficial for our quality of life. It helps us remain active, gives us a clear mind, and supports brain function throughout the day. There are so many great qualities that good sleep provides for each and every one of us. At U Blinds, we have a range of […]

Interior Colour Design & Window Furnishings

When it comes to pairing interior colour design and window furnishings it can be hard to know where to start, especially as there are so many options available. In today’s article, we thought we’d take a look at choosing colours for your home and the best window coverings to complement your space. Choosing colours for […]

Types of Awnings: A Guide

If you’re looking to protect the outside of your windows from the elements, there are plenty of outdoor awnings and blinds options available that won’t break the bank. In today’s blog, we take a look at how you can make the most of your outdoor space with various types of awnings, and which kinds of […]

Best Way to Clean Blinds

Cleaning blinds is often one of those chores people forget about but leaving blinds to accumulate dust not only results in unsightly looking blinds but possible health problems too. This is why it’s important to regularly clean blinds, so you can prevent allergies and breathing problems from occurring. In today’s blog, we thought we’d look […]

Plantation Shutter Cleaning & Maintenance

Plantation shutters are a wonderful way to add some personality to your home and are a feature that’s sure to grab the eye of anyone who enters. But as the design is a little more intricate than your standard blind, plantation shutters require a little more care to maintain a healthy, striking appearance. In today’s […]

Energy Saving Awnings for Your Home

Outdoor awnings for your home offer numerous benefits and are typically used to protect windows from the sun, or to block out the heat. But with so many different awning options available, you might find yourself wondering which kind is best for you home, or what will offer the most energy conservation. Other than choosing […]

Different Types of Blinds

If you’re looking to decorate one or more rooms in your home, you may be wondering the different types of blinds, shutters and curtains available and which kind is best suited to certain areas. In todays blog, we focus on the different types of blinds and the pros and cons of each option. Different Types […]

Water Resistant Blinds for Wet Areas

When it comes to covering windows in areas like a kitchen and bathroom, you not only have to factor in what style suits the look you’re going for, but if a window treatment can last in a high humidity environment. Choose wrong, and you’ll quickly have blinds and shutters that incur the wrath of moisture […]