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The Different Types of Venetian Blinds

If you’re looking for window furnishing treatments for your home, you’ve no doubt come across Venetian blinds as a viable contender. Like many other blind options, Venetian blinds are available in different materials, including aluminium, PVC, and timber. These different types of Venetian blinds offer their own individual benefits and are best utilised in certain […]

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The Best Awnings to Suit Your Needs

Nothing beats sitting on a pergola on a nice summer day, enjoying a beverage and a chat with family and friends. But considering how strong and unrelenting the Australia climate can be, some protection needs to be taken to ensure you and your guests don’t face the brunt of the weather. Outdoor awnings offer an […]

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Different Types of Curtains

Finding the right type of curtains for your home can be a difficult choice as there are so many different styles, patterns, and colours to choose from. To help you make the right choice, we’ve taken a look at the different types of curtains, and what style of each type suits most. Different types of […]