Awnings for your Brisbane or Melbourne home

Awnings are perfect for the weather in Australia, including the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne which offer very different lifestyles and climates. The amazing benefit of awnings is that they are highly versatile, and are suited to a range of different homes. They are excellent for warm and tropical climates, and they can even be […]

Plantation shutters Brisbane

Planation shutters are extremely popular in Brisbane, as elegant window coverings that also protect a building and the people inside from the elements. The sun shines down hard in the city of Brisbane, but plantation shutters filter it so it dances around the room lightly. The effect is comforting and beautiful. Put yourself in control […]

Plantation shutters Adelaide

Adelaide is well-known for having hot summers and cold winters. This beautiful Australian city is also filled with architectural charm, and because of all of this, plantation shutters are highly popular around the region. Plantation shutters are a unique window covering that adds character to a home. They look elegant and refined and are perfect […]