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Plantation Shutters Adelaide

Adelaide is well-known for having hot summers and cold winters. This beautiful Australian city is also filled with architectural charm, and because of all of this, plantation shutters have become a popular choice for homeowners in the region. This week our plantation shutters Adelaide team takes a look at some of the benefits of installing timber or PVC plantations in your home.

Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters Adelaide

These shutters are a unique window covering that will add character to any home. They look elegant and refined and are perfect for creating a comfortable home environment that is tranquil and relaxed. If you are searching for a solution in window coverings that will seriously enhance the aesthetics of your home, you should consider adding plantation shutters to your windows.

Protect yourself from the harsh Australian sun

Families in Adelaide need to protect themselves from the harsh Australian sun, as the heat flows down from the desert. Summers in this city are hot, and there is a lot of direct sunlight that will pour through your windows. You will need to choose your window coverings carefully, to ensure that your home stays cool and that it is not damaged by the powerful rays of the sun. Plantation shutters could be the perfect choice.

Furniture and flooring can fade and become damaged over time when constantly exposed to direct sunlight. The Australian sun is intense, and it can cause bright colours to disappear and fabrics to start looking old. There is no point investing in high-end furnishings, including lounges, tables, artworks and carpets, if you are not going to protect them from the sun.

Living in your home also needs to be comfortable and you will soon melt under the Adelaide heat if you do not have a solution to keep your environment cool. Plantation shutters can insulate windows, and help cool rooms down, without blocking out all of the light completely.

Plantation shutters put you in control

Living in Adelaide means that you will need to control the amount of light and heat that you let enter your home throughout the year. When it is colder you may embrace the sun as it will warm up your rooms during the winter months. During the peak of summer though, you will want to reduce the sun that enters your home, and you can do this if you have the flexibility that shutters provide.

Shutters can be adjusted to let both the light and air into a room, or to shut it all out. They can be adjusted very easily, so you will obtain instant results. Keep your room cool and dark, or warm and bright, or somewhere in between. Shutters offer you the choice, so you can make your home exactly what you want it to be.

Invest in your Adelaide home

Plantation shutters are an investment for homeowners as they last a very long time, are custom designed to fit the property they are installed on and are sold with the house when the time comes. Shutters will take your home in Adelaide to a new level of comfort and beauty, and they will continue to reward you for many years to come.

Want to Find Out More?

At U Blinds Australia, we carry both PVC plantation shutters and timber plantation shutters designed to fit a wide variety of windows. Whether you’ve just built a new home or a renovating an old one, shutters provide a timeless and elegant look to the décor of any home. If you’d like to find out more or have a question about our range of shutters, get in touch with our plantation shutters Adelaide team on 1300 303 391 today.

Updated 24/11/2020