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Our Guide to 2023 Curtain Trends

The curtains or blinds you choose to use in your room can make or break your space! Besides having the functional purpose of blocking out light and creating privacy, they also help tie everything together, soften the sharp edges and lines that windows create, or add a bold pop of colour and pattern. The 2023 curtain trends we have noticed this year are abundant, and have taken a drastic turn in comparison to the previous maximalist trends of 2022.

Staying up to date with the ever-growing interior trends can be tricky, but we’ve discovered a few major curtain trends for 2023 that you may want to consider for your home or workspace. In this blog, we’ll detail these specific trends and provide a guide on how you can incorporate these current trends into your homes interior.

The Best of 2023 Curtain Trends

Back to Basics

Curtain trends that we think will continue to stick around in 2023, are styles that go ‘back to the basics’. What this means for curtains and blinds are simple, natural-looking colours and fabrics. In the past, we’ve seen linen and natural cotton materials rising in popularity, mainly because of their grainy, organic texture and durability. These fabrics pair well with many different interior styles, from minimalist to eclectic to Hamptons, and pretty much everything in between. They pair well with rooms that have softer furnishings, like bedrooms or lounge areas where there are soft cushions, blankets, and couch textures to compliment and mingle with.

Natural Colours

Following on from this, natural colours are also making an appearance in our trends for curtains. White is a timeless colour that meshes well with just about any interior style, but if you’re looking for something more natural that has the same effect, you could consider a cream or light beige. For those of you looking for something a bit bold, natural greens are always on trend, along with warm brows and burgundy. One colour that’s creeping up a lot more in 2023 curtain trends is a very light, lemon yellow. A pale yellow like this would do wonders in brightening up a darker space while still giving you that pop of colour that stands out a bit more than a traditional white.

Vintage Revival

The vintage trend is going strong! In 2023 we’re predicting more retro prints and colours. Round, uniform prints (think Orla Kiely-esque) are perfect for creating a fun, unique space. Alongside this, warm orange and purple patterns are great for smaller spaces like offices or family rooms, as they create a super inviting, cozy atmosphere, no matter how small the space is. Eclectic style enthusiasts will love this bright vintage revival trend. If you’re keen to try it out but feel like your interior taste is more minimal and understated, you may want to consider trying a vintage-inspired floral pattern, in more muted pastels. These types of florals have also been super popular through the beginning of 2023 curtain trends, and we don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon!

Minimalism & Functionality

Next up in our 2023 trends prediction are minimalism and functionality. In the past year we’ve seen select people favouring function over aesthetics, as the quality and make of curtains and blinds continues to evolve. Black-out curtains are a timeless classic in any space, that also serve the very important purpose of blocking out light. Black-out curtains are perfect for TV Loungerooms or office spaces where digital meetings are often held. We offer a wide range of curtains that function well in minimising light and enhancing privacy.

Elevate Your Space with U Blinds Australia

Feeling inspired by these curtain trends? We have several showrooms nationwide that give you the opportunity to see our industry leading range of curtains and blinds up close. Giving your space a new— on-trend—lease on life doesn’t have to be complicated! If you have any questions please reach out our team for a free measure and quote or call 1300 303 391 to arrange an appointment at your local showroom. If you can’t find a specific style that you’re looking for, we also have the option for you to create custom curtains to fit your exact aesthetic style and practical goals.

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