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Product Overview

Fixed canopy awnings are ideal for protecting entryways and patios and are an attractive way to protect your windows and doors.

Ideal for creating a sun-shading barrier, fixed canopy awnings attach over windows and doors. Our range of awnings are created with aluminium, making our canopies lightweight and easy to install.

With our vast range of designer colour options, you can choose canopy awnings that perfectly match the colour of your home. If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting awning that’s set to impress, enquire about our canopy aluminium awnings today.

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Features & Benefits of Fixed Canopy Aluminium Awnings

Durability & Strength

Durable awning, long-lasting and low maintenance, with sturdy frames and weather-resistant fabrics that can stand up to wind, rain, and sun.

Lightweight & Easy

By using aluminium for the metal, our canopy awnings are lightweight and easy to install.

Varying Options

Canopy awnings come with either closed-in sides or open, depending on your requirements.

Stylish & Customisable

Available in a selection of colours and patterns to suit any style of home.


Great for outdoor entertainment areas, keeping guests cool all year round.

Cost Effective

Helps to insulate home, saving money on energy bills from cooling appliances.

Why Choose Fixed Canopy Awnings?

Add charm to your home

Fixed canopy awnings add charm and character to your indoor or outdoor space and provide additional use for any out-of-the-way areas in your home. These awnings are a great way to make outdoor dining comfortable all year round. Available in different options, colours, frames, and styles, you can choose just the right design to match your needs.

Protect external areas

Our aluminium awnings attach over windows and doors to create a sun-shading barrier. They help prevent water from leaking in when it rains and cold air seeping into the home in the wintertime. With durable steel frames and fabric that is weather-resistant, you can count on this awning to last for years and protect your home in any weather.

Protect furniture and floors from fading

If you’ve been searching for curtains to protect from the sun’s harsh rays or to save your furniture from fading due to direct sunlight, canopy awnings will do the trick. The UV-blocking curtains are a stylish choice as there are a variety of printed colours that will complement any style of home. Adding aluminium awnings will also help protect your timber floors and furniture, which can quickly fade from harsh elements for years.

Cooldown your home

Fixed canopy aluminium awnings offer a simple and affordable way to cool your home, as they provide an additional layer of protection. For extra cooling, consider adding blinds to your interior to create a double layer of thermal insulation, and save on your energy bill.

Add value to your home

Aluminium awnings are considered a permanent fixture to your home, which is why installing them increases your property value. This makes a home appear more liveable, especially if you use awnings for an outdoor entertainment area. They can be used in a variety of settings, from patios and decks to pools and outdoor dining areas.

Entertain guests

The last thing you want when entertaining guests is the blaring heat of the sun ruining a day outdoors. Aluminium awnings are perfect for patios, shading vulnerable areas from harsh weather. If you have an outdoor area that needs additional protection, be sure to look at all the outdoor awnings and blinds we have available. Prospective buyers will quickly see themselves enjoying long afternoons on the patio, helping to increase your home’s marketability.

Add Fixed Canopy Aluminium Awnings to Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Canopy Aluminium Awnings?

Aluminium is best known for being lightweight and affordable. It’s a metal that’s easy to install and is durable for years to come. It can stand against the harsh elements of nature through summer, winter, autumn, and spring.  

How Big Should My Awnings Be?

Your awnings should ideally partially cover the area. At U Blinds Australia, we’ll work together to find the best size to suit your space by first taking measurements.

How Long Do Aluminium Awnings Last?

Typically, aluminium awnings can last up to 20 years with the right care and maintenance.

Are Awnings Only for the Summer?

No. While awnings can protect from the bright sun, they’re also handy in the winter. Awnings act as a barrier against rainwater and cold air from seeping into the home.

How Much Wind Can an Awning Take?

Our fixed canopy aluminium awnings can stand the strength of high winds. The aluminium material we use is durable not only against the harsh elements but are sturdy during those windy seasons as well.

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