Outdoor Blinds & Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Blinds and Outdoor Shades

At U Blinds, we offer a range of screening solutions perfect for every kind of outdoor entertainment area. We understand the Australian climate can be harsh and unrelenting, so we’ve partnered with only the best quality outdoor blinds and outdoor awnings suppliers to source screening solutions that are stylish, functional, and built to endure strong changes in weather.

Whether you need window fixtures to protect your verandah or a single outdoor awning for your balcony, we have a huge range of outdoor blinds to suit any style of home. Our outdoor screening solutions are built to last and can come fitted with motorised options for optimum convenience and control. No matter your budget, U Blinds has the perfect outdoor awnings and blinds for your needs. For uncompromised quality and a wide selection of custom awnings solutions, choose the trusted leaders in Australian window furnishings.

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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Protect your home against harsh elements and break ins with our range of stylish, durable roller shutters. Our roller shutters offer great insulating properties that’ll help your home conserve energy and retain heat. If you live near a busy road or bustling suburb, roller shutters will help block out unwanted noise and light for total environmental control.

Zip Screens

Need to protect your outdoor patio from unwanted sun rays or pesky insects? Our zip screens have got you covered. Incredibly durable and built to seamlessly integrate into an outdoor entertainment area, U Blinds zip screens are designed to withstand strong bouts of wind, sleet, and rain. Keep your outdoor entertainment going strong throughout the year with our ultimate outdoor screening solution.

Folding Arm Awnings

The Australian climate is notoriously harsh, so it’s important to keep you and your family protected whenever you’re outside. Our folded arm awnings allow you optimum shade control as you can roll it up or fold it away when you don’t need it. Available in motorised options or hand operated models, U Blinds have folded arm fabric awnings to suit every style and budget.

Straight Drop Awning

Sophistication meets charm with our beautiful range of straight drop awnings. Perfect for patios, pergola’s and balcony’s, straight drop awnings offer an alfresco feeling to any outdoor space. Popular in beachfront properties and corner store cafes, straight drop awnings offer a touch of class to any outdoor area.

Veranda Straight Drop

Simple and traditional, veranda awnings are perfect for protecting your home from the hot summer glare. These versatile awnings come in a range of screening fabrics such as PVC, sunscreen and acrylic, and is suitable for raked roofs and openings.

Channel Roll Up

For a fully comprehensive screening solution that eliminates side gaps, look no further than channel roll up awnings. These fabric awnings come in a range of screening opacities and are ideal for patios, verandahs and deck. Channel roll ups offer a practical, stylish solution for all your outdoor needs.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot arm awnings offer a modern and stylish solution to your home as the angle of the awning allows for windows to be opened. It helps keep your home cool on hot summer days by allowing cool air to breeze through completely uninterrupted. Our pivot arm fabric awnings can be operated by gear, tape or rope and are available in motorised crank operation for the ultimate versatility.

Auto Lock Arm Awnings

Auto lock arm awnings or ‘storm blinds’ are one of the most common types of blinds sold in Australia, as they’re engineered to withstand strong weather elements. Available in a large range of fabrics to suit any style of home, our auto lock arm fabric awnings are simple to use and easy to operate.

Fixed Canopy Awnings

Characterised by their strong and sturdy aluminium frame, fixed canopy awnings are a popular window furnishing choice they’re incredibly durable and long lasting. Ideal for patios or as window coverings, fixed canopy awnings will give your home that extra bit of personality.

Aluminium Louvre Awnings

Aluminium louvre awnings are a great choice for light control as the angled louvres can defect glare without sacrificing light completely. At U Blinds, you can choose fixed or adjustable aluminium blades and open pitch, closed pitch or adjustable louvres with internal or external controls. If a panel becomes damaged, you can easily fix it without replacing the entire awning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Awnings

Are Outdoor Awnings a Good Investment?

Yes, they are, especially in the current energy-use-conscious times. Outdoor awnings can help to control the temperature inside your property and may even help with your costs. You could be saving on air conditioning costs during the warm season and on heating costs during the colder months by just adding outdoor awnings.

What Types of Outdoor Awnings Are There?

How Long do Retractable Awnings Last?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of outdoor awnings you are interested in, but in general, outdoor awnings will not fail any sooner then you would expect them too – in other words, you can expect an adequately long service life from your outdoor awnings. Retractable awnings, provided they are well made can last up to around 15 yours without any issues. Naturally, as with anything really, their service life will also depend greatly on how well you look after them.

Do Awnings Provide Shade?

Outdoor awnings can certainly provide your property with additional shade. For example, fixed awnings are well know for providing generous amounts of extra shade without obstructing your view, making them the perfect choice when the amount of shade your property gets is a serious consideration. Retractable types of awnings are even better choice if you want extra control, you can deploy them when you do need the extra shade and retract them when you do not.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Blinds

Are Outdoor Blinds Worthwhile?

Outdoor blinds are a good investment, they are made with energy savings in mind, keeping warmth inside your property during colder months, and preventing heat from entering during summer. With enough time, outdoor blinds can virtually pay for themselves.

What Types of Outdoor Blinds Are There?

A few examples of the types of outdoor blinds on the market today are:

Are Outdoor Blinds Waterproof?

When we talk about waterproofing, we typically mean 100% watertightness, just like with the hull of a boat. Outdoor blinds are not 100% watertight, but they ARE water and weather resistant which is probably what you actually have in mind anyway, when asking about their waterproofing.

Do Outdoor Blinds Stop Rain?

Outdoor blinds will prevent rain from entering spaces that they protect. But keep in mind, this is within reason, gusty winds and cyclonic weather cannot easily be stopped no matter what you throw against it. You can expect your outdoor blinds to add a lay of weather resistance to your property however.

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