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Product Overview

Sunscreen blinds provide the perfect solution for reducing heat and cold penetration, as well as protecting your furnishings from damaging UV light. Natural light will enter your room; however sunscreen blinds will prevent any harsh sunlight from entering, so that you can live in complete comfort.

Sunscreen blinds fabric is available in roller blinds, panel glides and roman shades. They come in a vast array of colours and openness, which allows you to maximise your view to the outside world. Sunscreen blinds are a smart choice for your window furnishings, especially if you want beauty while protecting yourself from the intense Australian sun.

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Features & Benefits

Interior blinds available in a large range of colours to suit your décor.

Suitable to dual roller blinds to give you the option of filtered light to operate with your blockout roller.

Bracket and trim style available in a large range of colours.

Why are sunscreen shades a great choice for Australian homes?

You can still see the outside?

One of the biggest advantages to sunscreen blinds is the ability to still see outside whilst stopping harsh sun rays from getting inside. Whereas curtains and blockout blinds can only offer a partial view to the outside world, sunscreen blinds can provide a free view.

Bring the outdoor indoors?

Speaking of having a clear view of the outside – with sunscreen rollers, you can enjoy the view of the outdoors without the harsh glare of the sun. Sunscreen blinds pair well with blockout blinds or curtains, to allow for privacy at nighttime.

Regulate your room temperature?

Though not as energy efficient blockout blinds, sunscreen rollers offer a lot of insulation properties that can help retain cool air or block out heat. This in turn helps save on energy bills, as you’ll rely less on cooling systems.

Reduce harmful UV glare?

There’s nothing that will fade your floorboards and furniture quicker than the harsh rays of the sun. If you want to enjoy outside views whilst keeping your indoor furnishings safe, sunscreen shades offer the best of both worlds.

Can be used with other blinds?

Sunscreen rollers easily pair with other window furnishings, as the rolling mechanism makes it simple to hide away with ease. At U Blinds, we recommend opting for a blockout roller blind to offer privacy and protection at night.

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Looking for top-quality sunscreen blinds Australia? At U Blinds, we stock a large range of sunscreen blinds in different colours to suit every style of home. Our sunscreen blinds are available in roller blinds, panel glides, and roman blinds to offer a contemporary solution to any room. You can visit our nearest showroom or call us on 1300 303 391 if you have any questions about our range of sunscreen blinds. Or why not request a free measure and quote online and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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