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Product Overview

Roller shutters offer a sensible window solution for your home.

You will benefit from increased security, thermal protection, and storm and wind protection. Roller shutters will reduce light and noise, and provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to live in.

Roller shutters are suitable for every Australian season, they are highly durable, and you will be making an investment that will add value to your home. Each of our engineered roller shutters is custom-built to suit your requirements and can come in various colours. You will also have a choice of motorisation systems, including solar systems.

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Features & Benefits of Roller Shutters

Security and Safety

Roller shutters offer numerous benefits to your home, with safety and security being number one. Unlike other window solutions, roller shutters double as protective shields for your home as they’re made from strong material that’s impossible to break into. Acting as both a visual deterrent and a physical one, roller shutters made from aluminium, metal or steel are built to withstand attempted break ins.

Light Control

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping because of the sun in the morning, a custom roller shutter might be the best solution for you. Unlike regular window solutions such as blinds and curtains, roller shutters allow for complete blackout – meaning you’ll never have to worry about sunlight streaming through cracks in the curtains ever again.

Noise Reduction and Privacy

If you live near a busy road, a roller shutter can be an absolute lifesaver. It’s estimated that roller shutters can reduce noise levels by 50%, as the thick metal sheeting acts as a barricade. Roller shutters also allow for a lot of privacy control, as you can simply roll them down with a click of a button.

Protect Against Weather

When it’s storming and hailing, your windows will often catch the brunt of it. Roller shutters can prevent your windows from becoming damaged and will not rattle and shake with high wind. It can also offer protection from bush fires, as bush fire rated roller shutters stop sparks from entering the home through broken windows, which would combust from the heat.

Energy Efficient

Roller shutters are great for conserving energy, as they retain the heat and block out the cold. Instead of spending your money on air conditioning bills, you can use your shutters to stop heat from escaping your home – which is a great option for the environment too.

Easy to Maintain

Though they’re in the frontline when it comes to debris, roller shutters are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Simply spray a hose over your shutters and they’re good to go!

Roller Shutters are Durable

Of all the window solutions available, there’s none more durable than aluminium, metal or steel shutters. Roller shutters are warp resistant and can come with a special finish to withstand sea salt damage if you live near the ocean.

Add Value to Your Home

As they’re a permanent window fixture, roller shutters are shown to add value to your home. If you ever think of selling, having a custom roller shutter is bound to give you an edge on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Roller Shutters and How do They Work?

Roller shutters, are a kind of shutters that work by rolling up and down guide channels, otherwise known as tracks.

Are Roller Shutters Worth It?

One of the key benefits of roller shutters is their ability to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating thanks to an improved thermal insulation of your property. This may help you save on your air conditioning and heating bills, making your roller shutters pay for themselves in turn.

Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?

While not many solutions can stop a determined burglar, roller shutters can be a deterrent to casual property crimes of opportunity. You may want to explore our range of security screen doors if property security is of key concern to you.

Do Roller Shutters Increase Property Value?

Installing roller shutters can be of value to those potential buyers who value privacy, peace and quiet. As a result, you may be able to get more value out of a property with roller shutters, compared to one without.

Are Roller Shutters a Good Idea?

Considering their many benefits outlined above, installing roller shutters is definitely an idea worth considering.

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