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Product Overview

Vertical blinds put you in control of the light that enters your home, and your level of personal privacy. This style of window furnishing is functional and versatile, with a contemporary look. They are exceptionally popular in both residential and commercial properties, for the benefits they deliver to everyday living and working areas.

Vertical blinds offer a wide variety of fabrics, including light filters and block outs, they are dust and mould resistant, and anti-fade. You will be making a sensible choice in window furnishings that will withstand years of use. Suitable for large or small areas, vertical blinds are available in 89mm, 100mm and 127mm blade widths.

Features & Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Easy Maintenance

Vertical blinds are incredibly easy to maintain, as the slats can be easily cleaned with a duster or damp cloth. Unlike other popular blinds, vertical blinds don’t need to be taken down to clean as none of the surface is hidden under a roller. If a louvre is damaged or stained, it can be removed to be washed or replaced.

Regulate Temperature

Vertical blinds are fantastic at keeping your room cool, as they create an effective barrier between the outside and indoors. A pair of quality blinds can reduce electric bills by up to 20%, as you won’t need to have the air conditioner running as long as the cool air can’t quickly escape through gaps in the doors and windows. The same can be said for winter months and keeping the house warm, creating a buffer zone to keep the cool air at bay.

Protect Your Furniture

Your furniture, wallpaper and flooring are susceptible to the sun’s rays, and can start to fade and warp if exposed to sunshine for too long. This is especially prevalent in areas with large sliding doors, as a lot of sunlight can enter in. Custom vertical blinds can act as a protective cover for expansive window areas, stopping the sun from destroying the colour of your indoor furnishings.


Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window covering solutions on the market, especially for large areas. These types of blinds are also cheap to replace if damaged, as you’ll only need to replace individual louvres instead of the entire blind. If you have a lot of areas in your home that need wide angled blinds, custom vertical blinds allow you to cover a lot of ground for an affordable price.


Though vertical blinds are commonly seen in lounge rooms, they work well in virtually every room, such as the bedroom, dining area or kitchen. Some homeowners even prefer to create a sense of unity throughout their home by incorporating the same style blinds in numerous rooms. Available in different colours, fabrics, shades and blockout options, you’ll be hard pressed not to find custom vertical blinds that suit your home’s style.

Range of Décor Options

With a sleek minimal modern track to suit any room, these vertical blinds also come with the option of chain and chainless operations, as well as the cord or wand with varying stacking options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Use for Vertical Blinds?

The main point behind the idea of vertical blinds is to provide full length coverage for large windows, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and other types of full-length glazing where other types of blinds may not be quite as effective. For instance, to cover a large, full length window with timber Venetian blinds or PVC venetian blinds, may be possible, but is likely to require blinds that could get very heavy.

Are Vertical Blinds More Expensive?

The answer to this question will depend on the situation and the comparison being made. Vertical blinds can be a much more affordable solution for large windows when compared to large window drapes, shades, and curtains.

Are Vertical Blinds Good for Privacy?

Vertical blinds provide a good level personal privacy while still giving you the ability to let a good amount of natural light into the room, providing a simple and cost-effective way of covering almost any opening. Vertical blinds are especially well suited to providing light control and privacy when combined with sliding glass doors found in almost every Australian home.

What is the Difference Between Venetian and Vertical Blinds?

In the simplest of terms, Venetian blinds are a type of a horizontal blind – one that goes side to side and slides upwards when pulled up. Vertical blinds, as the name suggests, go top to bottom and slide side to side when pulled across the window area.

How Do Vertical Blinds Compare to Horizontal Blinds?

The main point of comparison between the two types of blinds is their application. Venetians are more suited to standard size windows and are more difficult to install on large windows as they can get quite heavy. Vertical blinds on the other hand, excel at providing unparalleled coverage for large windows and sliding doors.

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