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Product Overview

U Blinds Channel Roll Up Awnings incorporate side channels that are designed, so the awning can easily be pulled down and locked into position.  This option is suitable for enclosing a veranda or between posts to shade and shelter the outdoor living area.  This is a cost-effective option to achieve a maximum result.

Features & Benefits

Ease of Use

Incorporates side channels so the awning can easily be pulled down and stop at any position along the channel.

Effective Mechanics

Spring loaded tube helps tighten the channel roll up awnings, keeping pressure on the bottom rail to hold the fabric in place.

Optimum Privacy

Love to entertain outdoors but worried about nosy neighbours? Channel roll up blinds provide a full screening solution that allows you to see out clearly without anyone else looking in.

Protection From Pests

The last thing you want when you’re having an outdoor barbecue is pesky guests getting inside and ruining your meal. Channel roll up awnings are created using a thick, interwoven mesh system, which still allows a slight breeze to flow through without leaving any room for mosquitoes and flies.

Weather Protection

Roll up awnings allow you to entertain through rain, hail, and shine, actively stopping rain or gusts of cold air from getting through. This not only protests you and your guests from catching a cold but will also protect your furniture from fading due to the sun or becoming stained from rainwater.

Energy Efficient

Did you know roll up awnings can make your home more energy efficient? These types of outdoor blinds are created using a thick fabric, which effectively blocks in and circulates air within a space. This is a popular choice for homeowners with outdoor fan systems, as you can keep cool air circulating in the outdoor space without fear of it escaping. This not only helps keep your home cool but also has a big impact on your energy bill.

Add Value to Your Home

Adding channel roll up awnings to a home is highly valued by potential buyers, as they add both aesthetic appeal and help to create the ultimate outdoor area. Roll up awnings also give the illusion that your home is larger than it really is, as it helps to extend your outdoor area.

Different Fabrics and Colours

Channel roll up awnings are available in various fabrics and colours, meaning it’s virtually impossible not to find a style that suits your home. This includes mesh, perfect for maintaining views of the outside, roll up canvas awnings, ideal for blocking out sun rays, and acrylic, a lighter fabric that offers great heat protection.

Side Channel Awning Gallery

Think roll up canvas awnings will make the perfect addition to your home?

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