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Product Overview

Create a true sense of style in your home with U Blinds Shangri La blinds.

The stylish blind gives you total control over your level of light and privacy.

A Shangri La blind lets you regulate the level of soft diffused light you allow in, creating a mood to suit every time of day. Vary the angle of the slats, and you can see out without being seen.  When privacy is not an issue enjoy a clear outlook. Shangri La’s control system not only lets you control the angle of the horizontal panels but also retracts the blind completely into its stylishly designed cassette system.

Shangri La blinds will look good in any room and is available in a wide range of beautiful modern colours to suit any décor.

Features & Benefits of Shangri La Soft Venetian Blinds

Appearance – Stylish look to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house

Shangri La blinds offer elegance and simplicity all rolled into one, allowing you to control the amount of light that comes in with ease. Available in a wide array of colours and finishes, these highly versatile window coverings can be used in any room of the house. This makes it an attractive window furnishing for homeowners who wish to continue a similar look between rooms, to create a sense of unity throughout the household.

Versatile – Superior light control when tilted

Shangri La blinds are the perfect addition to any modern home, as they’re in various patterns, materials, shapes, sizes, and more. These blinds look just at home in the dining room as they do in the bedroom and can even be used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Privacy – The ultimate in privacy when closed

These blinds are available in room-darkening fabric, which makes them a popular choice for bedrooms and cinema rooms. Aside from blocking light, this also gives you peace of mind knowing no strangers can see into your home.

Easy to clean – simple and easy maintenance.

Unlike timber Venetians, Shangri La blinds can be cleaned using common household items. A simple dust and polish with a damp cloth will do, though a mild detergent solution can be used for a deeper clean.

Can be customised - available in translucent and room Darkening fabrics

If your heart is set on the style of décor you’d like in your home, finding the right indoor blinds is often the cherry on top. Why settle for a close match when you can get Shangri La blinds customised to your specific wants? Choose everything from the colour and style to material density and functionality when you shop with U Blinds.

Energy efficient – Blocking the sun in summer and keeping in the heat in winter

Shangri La blinds are great for keeping in the heat, as they create a barrier between your home’s windows and the outdoors. This means you won’t have to keep the air conditioner on as long in the winter, as well as blocking out the sun during summer. Less reliance on cooling systems means more money saved on your energy – which also has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shangri La Blinds?

Shangri La Blinds are custom blinds that integrate both a day and night fabric. They allow you to regulate the level of soft diffused light you allow into your home creating a mood to suit every time of the day.

Can a Shangri La Blind be custom sized?

Yes! At U Blinds Australia, we can custom make your Shangri La Blind to ensure a perfect fit to your windows. For more information please get in touch with our team or visit your nearest showroom for a free measure and quote!

Are Shangri La Blinds any good?

Shangri La Blinds offer a host of benefits and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern homes due to their versatility, superior light control, improved privacy, customisability and energy efficiency. They look great in any room and are also available in a range of beautiful modern colours perfectly suited to any home’s décor.

Are Shangri La Blinds energy efficient?

Yes, like most blinds, Shangri La Blinds are great for keeping in the heat as they create that important barrier between your home’s windows and the outdoors meaning you don’t have to keep the air conditioning running as long in the winter while also keeping out the sun in summer.

How do you clean Shangri La Blinds?

Shangri La Blinds are made from sturdy fabrics that can be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low suction setting. For small stains, rub your Shangri La Blind with a damp sponge with mild detergent.

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