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Product Overview

SecureForce security doors and security grilles are a cost effective and innovative product that provides the same integrity and strength of a standard security door at a more affordable price.

The frame fixing is unique and combines the well-proven wedge system along with a double-layered frame to provide increased strength. The wedging retention system prevents galvanic corrosion, a chemical reaction that occurs when different metals are in contact with each other, particularly in external conditions or in coastal areas. This enables us to offer a five year corrosion free guarantee.

Why you should install SecureForce Security Doors?

Security doors are built to withstand force and are commonly constructed using aluminum or steel. Unlike normal doors or barrier screens, a SecureForce is specifically designed to resist forceful entry. These security doors have been rigorously tested against heavy impacts, sharp objects, and jimmying (using a screwdriver to open lock) to meet Australian Security Door Standards.

What’s the difference between a SecureForce and a standard barrier door?

A door must pass a series of tests before it can be labelled a security door. These tests include:

  • The Knife Shear Test: This test determines how well a security screen endures a knife attack.
  • The Impact Test: To pass this test, a door must withstand five heavy impacts.
  • The Anti-jemmy Test: During this test, a wedge or lever is used to attempt to jimmy the lock.
  • The Pull Test: This test involves seeing if an intruder can pull apart a screen, usually performed after the jemmy test.
  • The Probe Test: This test simulates an intruder attempting to create a gap underneath the screen so they can open a window.
  • The Shear Test: Like the knife shear test, a sheer test involves conducting a cutting plier attack.

A modern security door for a modern home

Gone are the days where security doors are bulky, unsightly, and incredibly obvious. SecureForce offers a range of stylish security screen doors that can suit every style of home. Designed to fit seamlessly with your windows, SecureForce security screen doors and security grilles offer inconspicuous protection from break ins and can be incorporated with Lockwood Triple Locks for additional security. We also offer security screen doors in 316 marine grade mesh, which is perfect for homes near the water. 316 marine grade mesh has a higher corrosion resistance and is known to significantly outperform competitors in both strength and durability.

Features & Benefits

Pre-treated and powder coated framing and components.

SecureForce system is available with 316 marine grade mesh.

SecureForce doors meet the Australian Security Door Standards.

5 year warranty against manufacturers defects.

We use and recommend Lockwood Triple Locks.

Ask about our pet doors. They can be installed in any SecureForce security mesh door.

The mesh is non-flammable and fire resistant.

Protect your home with SecureForce home security door solutions

Think your home needs an additional layer of protection? Don’t delay, get in touch with U Blinds for a discussion about home security doors today. Our home security doors and security grilles are one of the toughest on the market, and offer a modern, stylish alternative to traditional home security screening. No matter your window size, our doors can be custom made for the perfect fit. You can contact us online, call us on 1300 303 391 for a free measure and quote or check out your nearest showroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SecureForce Security Doors?

SecureForce security doors, and security grilles, are an elegant, secure and affordable way to help add an additional layer of protection to your home. Engineered to withstand a great amount of force, cuts and prying these doors and grilles are durable and provide extra insurance against intruders.

Can my Security Door be Custom Sized?

Definitely! At U Blinds Australia, we can custom make your security door, or security grill door, to ensure a perfect fit to any entrance or window. For more information please get in touch with our team or visit your nearest showroom for a free measure and quote!

Are Security Screen Doors Good for Security?

Yes, all of our residential security doors are rigorously tested to ensure they offer the optimal amount of safety. Before being designated as a modern security door it must prove itself highly resistant to: cutting/sheering, blunt force impact, jimmying/levering, pulling and probing.

Are Security Grilles a Good Idea?

Yes, as they provide an effective and affordable way to make your home more secure from intruders and snooping.

What Home Security Doors are Best?

SecureForce offers products that are proven to meet Australian Security Door Standards and are stylish as well.

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