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Product Overview

These verandah awnings allow you to choose to operate via spring or rope and pulley.  A minimal style awning that does not interfere with your view once rolled away.

With endless options and operations available.  Contact our U Blinds team to find out which Awning Blind suits your application.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Operate

Verandah awnings use either a cord and pulley system or spring-loaded system, making them easy to operate.

Suitable for Many Roof Types

Suitable for many roof types including raked roofs and openings.


Anchored at the bottom with straps or clips.


Verandah awnings are a must have if you love to entertain outdoors, as they can effectively stop neighbours from peering in. This means you can feel free to entertain in peace, knowing no unwanted onlookers are peaking in. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, you’ll likely want to create a private sanctuary in your backyard to stop nosy neighbours from looking in. Verandah straight drop awnings effectively stops unwanted views whilst keeping your view of the outside unobstructed.

No Uninvited Guests

Mosquitoes and flies can quickly wreak havoc on a nice evening entertaining outdoors but luckily installing a verandah straight drop can stop pests from entering. Made with a mesh fabric, verandah awnings allow views to go unobstructed whilst blocking insects from ruining the night.

Protect Furniture

The Australian sun is renowned for being strong and can quickly causing furniture and timber flooring to fade. By adding in an additional layer of protection, you can protect your furniture and help it to retain its colour for longer.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Did you know verandah straight drop awnings can save you a significant amount of your energy bill? As verandah awnings create an additional layer of protection, hot and cold air is stopped from entering the home. These types of awnings can also help retain air inside your home, helping you to cut down on using cooling systems.

Entertain All Year Round

With verandah awnings, you have the freedom to entertain all year round, rain, hail or shine. This is especially important during summer, as the heat can make it unbearable to stay outdoors for long. Awnings effectively blockout the majority of the sun’s rays, allowing you to feel the warmth without overheating.

Increase Value of Your Home

As verandah awnings help to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space, they’re seen as a highly valuable asset to a home. This not only adds value to a property but can also make it much easier to sell, should you choose to sell one day. They can also give the illusion that your home is much bigger than it actually is, as they help to extend the space of your outdoor area.

Improve the Outside Appeal of Your Home

Verandah awnings make an attractive feature for any style of home, adding a pop of colour without overpowering. Modern awnings are available in various types of styles, fabric densities, colours and designs, offering plenty of customisation options for homeowners.

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