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Product Overview

Cellular shades are an innovative solution for energy efficiency that will enhance the beauty and value of your property.

They work by trapping air within their cellular structure, which results in a cooler room in summer and a warmer room in winter. Custom cellular shades allow you to live and work in an elegant, efficient, and comfortable environment.

Cellular shades are incredibly versatile and even have adaptability for skylights and difficult to reach placements. Their advanced rail system provides the freedom off no cords, which is perfect for minimalist décors and families with young children. Our range features a variety of pleat sizes, fabric translucencies, colours, and operating systems. Browse our blinds and shutters online today or call 1300 303 391 to chat with a blinds specialist.

Features & Benefits of Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are great for insulation, as the intelligent honeycomb like design offers an additional layer of protection between your home and the outside. This can have a significant effect on the temperature of your home and can effectively retain heat during winter or block out heat during the summer months.

Blocks Noise

The cellular structure of these blinds not only helps to effectively block out heat but can also reduce noise pollution too. The additional barrier for your window will dampen sound and make your indoors feel more peaceful.


Cellular shades are one of the best options for privacy control as the multiple layers can make it difficult for light to seep through. This also makes it difficult for people to view from the outside, allowing you to enjoy complete privacy.

Light Control

Cellular window shades come in a wide array of fabric options, including light filtering, sunscreen and complete blockout. This gives you the option to choose just how much light you want to filter in through the fabric, instead of just opting for a blind you pull up and down.


Cellular shades are one of the most child friendly blind options available, as you don’t have to worry about dangling cords or chains. This makes them ideal for homes with small children, as there’s no cords a child may get stuck in. The cordless design also makes raising and lowering cellular shades a breeze, using an advanced rail system which works well with a minimalistic design.

Slim Profile

Cellular window shades stack neatly against a window as the small profile doesn’t take up much room. This makes them ideal for small or narrow window spaces, where other blinds may be unable to fit.

Easy to Use, Maintain & Clean

With a ‘top down, bottom up’ option allowing outdoor viewing whilst maintaining privacy.

Range of Décor Options

Modern range of fabric colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cellular Shades Actually Work?

Indeed, they do. Cellular shades are some of the most versatile window treatment options that help to not only to control the light entering a room and give your living spaces privacy, they can also reduce the amount of sound entering inside and minimise noise pollution.

What Are the Benefits of Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades are one of the most child-safe window treatment options available. With no cords or chains, they are ideal for home with small children. As mentioned above, cellular shades also provide a layer of sound and noise control, but they do not only insulate against sound either. Cellular shades can improve the overall heat insulation properties of your home too.

Are Cellular Shades Easy to Clean?

Absolutely, the ease of cleaning and maintenance is one of the main selling points in favour of cellular shades.

Are Cellular Shades Durable?

Cellular shades are very often more durable than horizontal blinds, making them a good choice for longevity is a primary concern.

Are Cellular Shades in Style?

Cellular shades have not gone out of style. They are, in fact, a very popular options for window treatment due to their many benefits. They are certainly very practical too and usefulness will never be out of style. Remember that whether a given type of window treatments looks good in your home is determined not only by that window treatment, but also by the overall interior design of your property.

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