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Product Overview

Panel glide blinds slide across glass areas, including windows and doors, and are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds. They are streamlined and compact, making them perfect for homes with minimalist décor, and their sleek lines offer an impressive style.

Panel glide blinds are an excellent choice for light and privacy control, but they also open your window and door spaces so that you attain uninterrupted views. These are perfect for family homes, where you want to merge your outdoor and indoor living spaces and make the most of the valued Australian climate. Panel glides are an innovative and stylish choice in window furnishings.

Features & Benefits of Panel Glide Blinds

Easy to Use

Panel glide blinds operate on a sliding mechanism similar to a sliding door and can be optimised with a motor for additional ease of use. Its retractable panels easily stack behind one another, saving valuable space and offering ease of access to the outdoors. As they don’t operate with a chain system, panel glides are a neat, child friendly alternative to vertical blinds.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Sleek and versatile, panel glide blinds make the perfect addition to a modern home. The streamlined look offers an elegant shading solution that affords you privacy and excellent light control. Considering there are so many different styles, fabrics and colours to choose from, panel glide blinds work seamlessly with virtually every type of décor. You can choose from blockout, light filtering and sunscreen, and various trims for that extra bit of personalisation.

Light Control and Privacy

Panel glide blinds are excellent at blocking out light, which makes them a popular choice for living room areas and cinema rooms. The large panels directly minimise light from entering a room and help to stop furniture and flooring from fading from the sun’s rays. When open, panel glide blinds neatly stack together and can be easily placed behind furniture, allowing light to stream through. When closed, the large panels from a strong, impenetrable barrier and quickly transform a room into a dark and cosy space.


Panel glide blinds are highly versatile as they can be used as a simple window statement or as a room divider. Panel glide blinds can also be paired with other blinds, such as roller and roman, and are available in blockout, sunscreen or light filtering to suit your preference. Of all the window covering solutions, panel glides are one of the best options when it comes to covering large windows and sliding doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Panel Glides?

Panel glide blinds an exceptionally useful option for large windows, sliding and bi-folding doors. They make for a great and more modern alternative to curtains and even vertical blinds. In essence, panel glide blinds are version of the more traditional vertical blinds, but with much wider panels.

How Do Panel Track Blinds Work?

Panel glide blinds hang in front of a large window or a sliding door from an aluminium track at the top. They can be opened or closed by sliding them sideways. Depending on your blinds, they are either operated with a pull cord for with a push wand that moves the panel glides across the length of the window or glass door.

Do Panel Glide Blinds Block Light?

Yes, they do. In fact, panel glide blinds are some of the most effective solutions to blocking out sunlight and providing UV protection, thanks to their large, wide panels. Unlike more traditional vertical blinds which can have gaps between their narrower panels, thus allowing the sunlight to bleed in, panel glide blinds do not give light as many opportunities to enter your rooms.

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