Lodge a Service

To lodge a service call please email [email protected].

Make sure to include:

  • Name and Full Address incl Postcode.
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Number on the Original Quote

Warranty Policy

Service Fees – Any Call in the First 12 Months = No Charge Inspection Fee Service Fees – After 1 Year from Installation = Call Out Fee $180 + GST (Payable Prior to Inspection)


    Product/Parts whilst under Warranty Period are supplied No Charge, Installation/Labour Cost $100 per Hour.


    Motorisation = Any Electrical Costs (Electrician) are Not covered Under Warranty.


    Warranty is Not Transferable.

To claim under these warranties against defect, the Purchaser:


    Must cease using the product immediately after the defect appears;


    Provide U Blinds a copy of the original Sales Order or tax invoice;


    To make a claim, you can lodge a service ticket on this website;


    Once a claim has been lodged with our service department, U Blinds will assess your claim and respond within 5 business days.


    Subject to Australian Consumer Law, U Blinds Australia responsibility under this Waranty will Not exceed the Purchase Price of the Goods or their replacement.

U Blinds delivers thousands of orders on a monthly basis for our customers across Australia. Although we employ the strictest quality assurance practices, please understand, on rare occasions issues outside our control can arise.

Should you have an issue with a U Blinds product that you believe is under warranty, please lodge this form detailing the issue. This will create a ticket with our service department who will follow up with you within 2 business days.

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