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Product Overview

Extend your outdoor living and entertaining areas with U Blinds Folding Arm Awnings.

The counter levered design means, apart from string fixing on the wall or structure you are fixing to, you don’t require any support posts or an additional structure. You can enjoy the shade when it is folded out or roll away and the awning disappears when you don’t need it.

Our folding arm awnings can be operated manually or for complete control they can be motorised with a sensor to retract when you are not there.

These retractable awnings come in over 50 fabric colours and patterns and are made from long lasting water and UV resistant material – designed to complement any external façade and withstand Australia’s changing weather conditions.

U Blinds has folding arm awnings to suit most applications and budgets.

Features & Benefits


Awning folding arms give you the option to retract the shades, which makes them a highly effective window treatment for all times of the year. In summer, simply pull the awnings out to block heat from entering your home. Or for winter, keep them retracted to allow heat to flow through and warm up your home.

Highly Durable

Australian awning arms are made to withstand the Australian heat and temperamental storms. This means that the colour of the fabric will hold up for years, without fading from harsh sunshine. Folded arm awnings are a great way of protecting your floors and furniture from sun damage, which can be incredibly harsh on hardwood floors.


Folded arm awnings offer style and charm, looking great on patio areas, decks, and courtyards. These awnings are available in various colours, styles, and fabrics, matching any style of home from Mediterranean, cottage, contemporary or country.

Save Energy

Adding awning folding arms to your home can significantly save on your energy bill, as it can block heat from entering your home during the hot summer months. This means you won’t have to rely on air cooling systems as much, as the cold air will remain trapped in your home. When combined with indoor blinds, this can significantly increase the insulation on your windows and reduce energy bills by up to 50%.


Folded arm awnings can be used in multiple places around your home, including pool areas, car spaces, outdoor entertainment areas and even as an extended patio roof. With folded arm awnings, there’s no limit to their use!

Why choose retractable awnings for your home?

Extended Living Space

Extend your outdoor living space with a range of styles and price ranges all available from U Blinds.

Range of Fabrics

Retractable awnings offer a large range of fabric solutions to suit any style and application.

Motorised with Remote Control

U Blinds exclusive Barcelona Folding Arms Awnings are motorised as standard with remote control.

Available in varying widths.

Looking for folded arm awnings for your home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Retractable Awnings Worth It?

There are many benefits to folding arm awnings that make them worth your time and money. As with most types of outdoor awnings, folding arm awnings too improve the energy efficiency of your property by giving your more control over how much sunlight (and consequently heat) can enter your home. If you enjoy outdoor living, you will find that folding arm awnings come at a fraction of the cost compared to a whole roof being constructed above your deck, patio or outdoor entertainment area.

Are Folding Arm Awnings Waterproof?

By waterproof, we typically mean watertight and, generally speaking, folding arm awnings are water resistant. The best thing to do during extreme weather, however, is to fold your awning away to protect it from damage.

Can You Use a Retractable Awning in the Rain?

While light rain should not be a problem, extreme weather may damage your retractable awning and it is therefore often the best to fold your awnings away during the heaviest of rains and in high winds.

What Are the Features of a Folding Arm Awning?

The key feature of a folding arm awning, is in its name – it folds out of the way when needed and can be quickly set back up as required. Additionally, as with other types of awnings, folding arm awnings let you enjoy better control over the sun entering your property, more shade and improved energy efficiency of your property.

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