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Product Overview

U Blinds Roman blinds are available with several design options and suit a large variety of decorating styles.

By using a range of accessories, they can offer a tailored and formal look, or soft and casual style. A choice of operation and installation methods allow for perfect control of light, sun, and privacy.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colours, and textures to create your individual look.

Features & Benefits of Roman Blinds

Light Filtering

Looking to minimise glare without detracting from the view? Light filtering Roman blinds are the perfect option. These types of blinds deflect UV rays and allow a soft light to filter through without overpowering a room.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen Roman blinds are made for the Australian heat, blocking over 90% of light from entering a room. The special UV protection fabric can stop the sunlight from fading furniture and flooring, without detracting from the outside view.


These types of Roman blinds provide optimum privacy and light control by blocking out 100% of the outside world when pulled down. The large panels and thick fabrics ensure the inside of your home is protected from the sun during the day and protected from views during the night.

Timeless Classic

Due to their simple, versatile design, custom Roman blinds are one blind that won’t go out of style. If you’re looking for blinds that will complete the look of a room without detracting from the design, Roman blinds are the perfect solution.

Can be Paired with Curtains

If you’re not sure whether you prefer curtains or blinds, you can have the best of both worlds by pairing them together. As custom Roman blinds are a simple design that doesn’t take up much room, they can be easily complimented with curtains, offering you the ability to filter in sunlight or block it completely.


Whether you’re a fan of the minimalist look, mid century modern or coastal, Roman blinds easily fit into any style. This is because they’re available in various colours, styles and fabric options, and offer a complementary backdrop without being a detraction.


Made with tough, fade resistant fabric, custom Roman blinds are built to last for years and fare incredibly well against the harsh Australian sun. No matter the temperature, Roman blinds offer strength and resilience all year round.

Range of Décor Options

Perfect for mixing with roller blinds and panel glide systems and cord or chain operations. Available in soft roman styles with the addition of aluminium battens at the back of your romans it will the product a more formal look.

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Easy to Install

When it comes to installation, a simple screwdriver is all you’ll need to fit your Roman blinds. So easy is this process that even a novice can do it – no handy skills required!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds provide a range of benefits, including but not limited to excellent light filtering capabilities, great sun protection – especially important in Australia, blockout privacy, style and a great matching with curtains. Roman blinds are a good choice for smaller windows and are often selected as a solution for kitchens and restrooms.

Are Roman Blinds Practical?

Roman blinds combine a practical solution to light and privacy control, combined with a classic and timeless look. This makes Roman blinds very practical indeed.

How Do Roman Blinds Work?

Roman blinds are essentially one large piece of fabric designed to fold gradually, section-by-section when they are pulled up with a cord. When opened, the provide a neat and clean folded look. When closed, they lay flat across the window area.

What Makes Roman Binds ‘Roman’?

Roman blinds can indeed be traced back to the Roman Empire where they were first used as a practical and functional solution to covering windows. Naturally, Roman blinds have greatly evolved since then and are no longer a simply practical item, but combine functionality, style and fashion to match the needs of modern interior designs.

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