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Product Overview

A cost effective way to protect your outdoor living area from the harsh Australian sun with a simple crank – operated system, the U Blinds straight drop Awnings will solve any sun or wind issue for your patio and deck area.

Love to entertain outdoors? Crank Operated straight drop awnings are the perfect addition to your home.

Using a simple, crank operated lever, these awnings can be easily pulled up and down, locking into position to stop harsh light from filtering through. These even come in motorised options, so you can operate your awnings from the comfort of your lounge.

Features & Benefits

Save Energy

This traditional style awning protects your home all year round from harsh weather, ensuring furniture and flooring doesn’t fade from the sun. This also means you’ll have less heat entering through the vulnerable points of your home, which will impact your air conditioner use. Less air cooling means less energy used – great for both your energy bill and the environment.

Increase Privacy

If you and your family enjoy spending time outside, it’s understandable why you’d want some privacy. With crank operated straight drops you can feel free to entertain in peace, knowing no nosy neighbours can see anything.

Maximise Space

House lots are becoming increasingly smaller, which is why more and more homeowners are choosing to extend their outdoor living spaces. With the addition of a crank operated straight drop, you can create an outdoor living area that works like another addition to the house.

Block Out Pests

If there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin outdoor entertainment, it’s pesky mosquitoes. Though mosquito coils can provide some relief, adding in awnings stops pests from entering in entirely. Simply pull the awnings down and enjoy the outside view, without fearing insects from interrupting the evening.

Suitable for Multiple Areas

Our crank operated straight drop awnings can be placed in multiple areas of the home, including alfresco areas, balconies, windows and second stories. Depending on where you would like to place the awnings, different fabrics may be more suitable.


Not only are crank operated straight drop awnings easy to operate with a crank handle, the system can also be added to with a headbox, guide wire or channel to minimise light, giving you the ultimate in versatility.

A Range of Material Options


This fabric is hard wearing and built to last, whilst also being one of the more affordable options available.


Canvas is a great option for homeowners who want that little bit extra insulation as the thicker fabric is great for trapping in air.


Acrylic fabrics come in a wide range of colours, ensuring you can protect your home from the Australian sun in style.


Need to block out the harsh Australian sun? UV resistant PVC awnings will do the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Straight Drop Awning?

Your typical straight drop awnings are easily the traditional fuss-free traditional awnings with a variety options for operation, varying from crank operated straight drop awning through to motorised awnings. As the name suggests, they extend straight down over the front of your window.

How Does a Straight Drop Awning Work?

Crank operated straight drop awnings simply move up or down along the front of the window to provide shade. The crank operated variant is, as the name might suggest, operated with a crank, but there is also a motorised awning automation option available for this type of awnings.

What Are the Benefits of a Crank Operated Straight Drop Awning?

Crank operated straight drop awnings are a cost-effective way to protect your outdoor living area from the harsh Australian sun. Featuring a simple crank-operated system, they solve any sun or wind issue for your patio or deck area and offer a host of benefits including savings on your energy bill, increased privacy, maximisation of space, pest reduction and are suitable for a range of areas around the outside of your home.

Are Crank Operated Straight Drop Awnings Easy to Clean?

Yes! Crank operated straight drop awnings can be cleaned via a lighting sponging with warm water and a mild natural soap. Depending on the chosen materials of your straight drop awning, slightly different cleaning methods may apply. Please reach out to our team for more information on the different types of straight drop awning choices and recommended cleaning methods.

What are Straight Drop Awnings Made Of?

At U Blinds Australia, we can custom make your straight drop awnings using a range of fabrics including Mesh, Canvas, Acrylic and PVC. For more information on the range of options please reach out our team who will be only too happy to assist in finding you the perfect straight drop awnings for your home and outdoor entertainment area!

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