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Product Overview

U Blinds Australia’s automatic lock arm awnings are a perfect choice for close fitting to windows and can be easily operated manually from the ground floor.

With self-locking arms which can slide into any place along the window, they provide you with an affordable solution to shade and protect your windows to keep your home cool in summer.

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Features & Benefits of the Auto Lock Arm Awnings

Engineered to Last

Large range of fabric choices to suit your requirements, our awning components have been engineered to last in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Easy to Use

Easy-to-use self–locking arms allow for flexible height adjustment. This product can be rolled away into a headbox when not in use or supplied without a headbox if required.

Cost Effective

Save money on your energy bill by providing an additional layer of insulation to your home.


Protect your furniture and flooring from fading from the harsh rays of the sun.

Low Maintenance

The fabric is low maintenance and easy to clean, requiring just water and mild soap.

These awnings project out and over the window and door frame and can be adjusted to provide shade and keep the hot sun off of windows and home furnishings.

They offer features such as UV protection, wind resistance, ability to withstand high temperatures, water resistance and mould/mildew resistance. Depending on what suits your application best, you may choose between our three fabric options (sunscreen, canvas, acrylic).

Types of Auto Lock Arm Awnings

Acrylic auto lock arm awnings

An acrylic privacy panel creates privacy while still allowing for natural light. It’s the perfect choice where privacy is desired while maintaining an airy atmosphere. Acrylic is naturally resistant to sun, moisture, and mildew. The innovative vertical cell design provides added strength because there are no knots or joins in the middle of the fabric, which allows for greater privacy and the ability to close it completely.

Sunscreen auto lock arm awnings

Sunscreen fabric was designed to give homeowners an alternative view, whether it’s looking out the window or the deck. The nylon-coated polyester yarn is available in numerous and is treated to be UV resistant and weather-resistant. Perfect for patio coverings, this waterproof fabric works well as a replacement shade sail as well as for carports and gazebos and many other outdoor structures.

Canvas auto lock arm awnings

A great way to block UV transmitting rays is by installing canvas awnings. Not only does it protect residents but property from fading under the sun. What’s more, these awnings are not only effective at preventing sun damage to your home, but they also reduce energy bills as there is less need for air conditioning or heating. These auto lock arm awnings are great for ground floor windows as they provide privacy, sun protection, and ease of use. The arm can be operated by a simple push/pull cord and fixed in place or fully retracted – even strong winds won’t dislodge them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Auto Arm Awnings?

Perfect in both hot seasons and wet seasons, auto arm awnings provide ample protection compared to standard awnings. Our auto lock arm awnings block out UV transmission to better protect you and your family.

Are Auto Lock Arm Awnings Easy to Use?

U Blinds Australia’s range of auto lock arm awnings is designed for easy use. Thanks to the self-locking arms, these awnings can be adjusted to suit height. Better yet, when not in use, you can roll these awnings into the headbox.

Can Auto Lock Arms Be Customised to Suit My Home?

Auto lock arms are customised to suit different parts of a person’s home. Whether it’s the windows in the front or the door in the rear, your auto lock arms will be customised to fit your property.

Are Auto Lock Arm Awnings Expensive?

The total cost of auto lock arms varies from customer to customer. However, you can receive a free quote from our team before locking into purchasing these awnings. In the long run, auto lock arms save each household a hefty sum of money as they provide additional insulation to the home and reduce the use of air conditioners and internal heating.

Do Auto Lock Arm Awnings Require High Maintenance?

Not at all. Auto lock arm awnings are simple to care for and don’t require specialised cleaning products. Instead, to clean these awnings, simply use mild soap and water.

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