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Product Overview

U Blinds louvre aluminium awnings are an ideal way to protect your house from the harsh Australian Sun.

Availabe in fixed and adjustable options, which will give you maximum light and privacy control by allowing you to manually adjust the awning blades.

Light control and airflow are at your fingertips by using either external or internal control for your convenience.

Features & Benefits of Aluminium Louvre Awnings

Louvre Aluminium Awnings Are Strong

Louvre aluminium awnings are engineered to last, and will not bend, tear, or rip under even the harshest of elements. They’re also able to withstand rain and will not grow mould or mildew in moist environments. With proper care, aluminium awnings can last fifteen years or more.

Louvre Aluminium Awnings Are Easy to Clean

If low maintenance window furnishings are preferable, you can’t get anything more low maintenance than aluminium awnings. The aluminium surface means that liquid will quickly slide off, which helps prevent water damage and build-up of leaves and dirt. Cleaning your aluminium awnings is as simple as using a garden hose to wash down any debris and getting a deep fabric clean every few years.

Louvre Awnings Are Affordable

Louvre awnings are an affordable way to add value and protection to your home – and due to their ability to retain heat, are good for your energy bill too. Due to their light material, aluminium awnings are quick and easy to install. If a panel does need to be replaced, it can be fixed without replacing the entire awning.

Louvre Aluminium Awning Features & Benefits

Your choice of fixed or adjustable aluminium blades/slats which provide excellent protection from the elements, and one of the best ways of keeping your home cool in summer. Protection from the elements: Louvre Awnings provide protection from the sun, wind and rain keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Easy panel replacement: Should any of the panels become damaged, the design provides for easy panel replacement without replacing the awning. Three variations: You can choose from the standard open pitch, closed pitch or adjustable louvres with internal or external controls.

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