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Product Overview

Pivot arm awnings are a popular outdoor blind used in both homes and commercial establishments. These awnings allow for complete control over light and privacy and help to block heat from entering your home. Seen on first and second storeys, Pivot arm awnings are one of the most versatile window covering solution available, and are especially suited to the harsh, Australian sun.

They can be operated from both inside the house and outside, ideal for first and second storey windows and perfect for verandas improving air flow.

Features & Benefits


Can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope. Also available in crank operation and for the ultimate in versatility – can be motorised.

Variety of Fabrics

Pivot arm awnings are available in a wide range of fabrics, offering various densities as well as colours and patterns. These include traditional canvas fabrics, mesh fabric, known to cut up to 85% more heat than canvas, and acrylic, which blocks outsiders from looking in without disrupting internal views.


Pivot arm awnings are effortlessly stylish and are available in various patterns and colours to suit any style of home. Whether you’d like a heavy patterned awning for a café style look or something a little more muted and neutral, you’ll easily find the perfect with U Blinds pivot arm awnings.

Energy Efficient

Pivot arm awnings are a fantastic solution for conserving energy, as the thick fabric creates a barrier that hot air can’t seep through. This helps to conserve energy inside the home, as you don’t have to rely so much on cooling systems running all day. Depending on the type of awning fabric you choose, you can expect your home to be up to four times more energy efficient.

Built to Last

As awnings are the first line of defence of your home, they stand to take the brunt of bad weather. Strong strain or harsh sunlight can do a number to your home, including flooring and furniture. U Blind pivot arm awnings are created using tough UV resistant fabric, that not only retains its colour well but will effectively protect the inside of your home.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Pivot arm awnings are made from easy to clean fabric, that simply requires a wipe down with a wet cloth. Then, all that’s needed is to let the sun do all the work and dry it out. This makes them one of the lowest maintenance awning options on the market.

Can Be Motorised

Pivot arm awnings can be custom fit with a motor, allowing you to lower and raise your awnings with a simple touch of the button. The controls can even be installed inside, so you can operate awnings away from harsh weather.

Think pivot arm awnings are the perfect fit for your home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pivot Arm Awnings?

Pivot arm awnings are a popular type of exterior awnings used frequently in both residential and commercial scenarios. They are an ideal solution for shading a wide range of different types of windows. Pivot arm awnings are sometimes also referred to as drop arm awnings.

How Do Pivot Arm Awnings Work?

The key thing that makes pivot arm awnings different is their drop arm mechanism which gives you control over length and the angle of the shade. The shade extends to the ends of both arms which are pivot around a single point each where they are mounted to the wall. The mechanism is compatible with motorisation and awning automation solutions.

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