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Inspiration for Minimalist Modern Window Coverings

When it comes to window coverings in the 21st century, less is more. Countless homeowners are embracing the minimalist interior design approach, enjoying its simplicity without having to sacrifice style. Rather than crowding your rooms and your windows with clunky decor that take up space, minimalist modern window coverings focus on simple shapes, clean lines, and stark contrasts between the coverings and the walls.

Fear not though, as these minimalist treatments still provide adequate coverage to keep your home protected and your television free from the sun’s glare. Best of all, they are easily customisable to blend with your current interior, or to create the look you have always dreamt of. Whether you are seeking a specific colour, material, or pleat size, you are sure to find the perfect minimalist design for your home with U Blinds Australia.

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The Best Minimalist Window Treatments

Sunscreen Blinds

Is your home regularly invaded by the sun, interrupting your latest Netflix binge or damaging your beautiful furniture? Sunscreen blinds are a handy way to protect your home from these harsh Aussie rays while enjoying the minimalist finish.

They also double as a nighttime protector, blocking out annoying streetlights and nosy neighbours. Along with their simple design, sunscreen blinds are eco-friendly as they reduce the need for energy-guzzling appliances, allowing one to minimise their home, their impact on the environment and energy costs.

Cellular Shades

Another option that pairs eco-friendliness with tasteful design, custom Cellular shades are one of the more innovative minimalist modern window coverings. More and more homeowners are choosing these shades for their ability to trap air, resulting in cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms during winter.

The versatile nature of cellular shades means people are using them to cover more than just their windows, as they are great for skylights and other hard to reach areas. Their cordless design is perfect for minimalist décor and families with young children.

Timber Shutters

Using natural materials is one of the easiest ways to achieve minimalist design, with timber Plantation shutters being a popular choice for this very reason. These minimalist window treatments add a touch of warmth to any room they occupy, with their wooden design making them perfect for beachside properties or for those dreaming of living by the sea.

Their minimalist nature extends to their maintenance, as timber shutters are easy to care for and typically only require a simple dust and sweep to stay looking clean and fresh. That means less time cleaning and more time enjoying the subtle yet stylish design of your home.

Twin Shades

A simple yet effective design that allows one to control light and privacy, Twin Shades are being installed into more and more homes that are desiring minimalist modern window coverings. These shades prove that minimalism doesn’t have to mean basic, as they allow users to make their spaces as dark or as open as they like, making it easy to create the ambiance one desires.

While twin shades blend well with any type of décor, they match particularly with a minimalist style courtesy of their lightweight design and their minimal headbox, which helps to make the space feel more open and freer.

Panel Glides

Do your windows reach floor to ceiling, or are you searching for minimalist window treatments for your sliding doors? Panel Glides are a great choice that blend well into your interiors, allowing owners to enjoy their minimalist décor while easily being able to control the amount of light and privacy in the space.

Along with their stylish design, panel glides are also favoured for their ability to help create the quintessential Aussie lifestyle, as they make it easy to merge one’s interiors and exteriors. Simply slide open your panel glides to step out into your own slice of paradise.

Searching for Minimalist Modern Window Coverings?

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