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There’s just something so timelessly stunning about timber shutters. Effortlessly stylish and versatile, timber plantation shutters fit seamlessly into any style of home, whether it’s traditional, modern, eclectic or bohemian.

Their ability to instantly transform a space and add value to a home makes timber plantation shutters one of the most popular window coverings, and a cost-effective renovation solution. When installed correctly, you can expect your timber window shutters to last for years, if not decades. This wise investment choice requires very little maintenance, with a simple dust and sweep all it takes to keep timber plantation shutters looking fresh and new. If you want a window covering solution that will wow and impress, you can’t go with timber plantation shutters.

We have a large range of timber shutters available to suit any colour and décor. Custom made to your specifications and hand finished using the highest quality lacquers and coatings.

Natural beauty and environmentally responsible. U Blinds Basswood and Paulina Plantation Shutter collection is made using timber which is sourced exclusively from Government Approval Forests. Huge colour pallet to choose from, the original Plantation Shutter at its very best.

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We’ll beat any written price by 10% for any comparable product

  • Warranty 5 years
  • Finished in UV Resistant High Tensile Coatings.
  • Choice of Rotation Rods at no extra Cost.
  • Suits large openings.
  • Large colour range available to suit any style and décor.

Features & Benefits

Timber Shutters will never go out of style

Wooden plantation shutters are completely impervious to trends, as the timeless, simple design easily fits into any style of home. This makes them a wonderful investment for your home and a unique selling point if you ever decide to sell your home.

Timber Shutters are built to last

Unlike standard window coverings that can fade over time due to UV rays, Wooden plantation shutters are built to withstand heat, and won’t easily warp, bend or peel. If your blades do break, they can be easily replaced without replacing the entire frame. Wooden plantation shutters can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years with minimal maintenance.

Timber Shutters add value to your property

Plantation shutters are a permanent fixture to your home, which means they retain their value when it comes to selling your home. Many prospective buyers cite timber shutters as their favourable window covering, and often remark that it’s the first thing they notice when they step into a home.

Timber Shutters are energy efficient

Wooden plantation shutters allow you to easily control the temperature by simply moving the slats. This helps regular the temperature of your home, which means less money spent on energy bills.

Timber Shutters are low maintenance

Timber is one of the easiest materials to clean, as it doesn’t easily accumulate dirt and dust. It’ll only require dusting every now and then, and the occasional wash down with a damp cloth. To retain its colour, you’ll only have to re-stain the wood every few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Plantation Shutters Timber?

Plantation shutters can be made from a variety of materials, including timber, but also PVC. Find out more about the entire range of shutters available at U Blinds Australia.

What is Better, PVC or Timber Shutters?

There are advantages to both types of plantation shutters and which is best will ultimately depend your requirements. Timber plantation shutters are the timeless, long-lasting high quality shutters that you probably have in mind when you think of plantation shutters in general. The PVC variant is more affordable and made to resemble their timber cousins, but they are also heavier. If you do prefer PVC shutters, you can get them from your nearest U Blinds showroom too.

Which is Better, Curtains or Shutters?

Shutters are the long lasting, low maintenance, and stylish window treatment option that also provides great insulation. Curtains on the other hand are more formal, lower cost option that is also easy and affordable to change depending on your needs. Whether you prefer curtains or shutters, you can get both at your nearest U Blinds Australia store.

Are Timber Plantation Shutters Still in Style?

Timber plantation shutters are truly timeless and are unlikely to go out of style any time soon. Not only do they look great, they also come with some serious benefits – they are made to last, they can add value to your property, they make your home more energy efficient and do not need high levels of maintenance.

Why Choose Timber Plantation Shutters?

The main reasons why you should definitely give timber plantation shutters a serious consideration are:

  • Style
  • Longevity
  • Value
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance

Looking to Add Timber Shutters to Your Home?

Our timber plantation shutters are competitively priced, and quality made to last for years to come. You can book a free measure and quote online or by calling 1300 303 391. Or check out your nearest showroom to see the range of timber window shutters we have in store.

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