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How to Achieve the Parisian Look with Art Deco Window Treatments

When you think of French décor and French fashion, a few things come to mind. Timeless, classic, effortless, and simplistic; the same could be said for Parisian interior design fundamentals, more specifically, Parisian Art Deco. Designing a streamlined and eye catching interior isn’t easy, and only few have a knack for truly making different textures, patterns and colours work well together, despite the differences.

One thing that every room in a home have in common is how much their windows and window treatments make an impact on the overall finish. For Parisian interiors, specifically, Art Deco window treatments really make a difference.


Art Deco Window Dressing

Custom Curtains

With custom curtains, you have the ability to add a delicate touch to any space throughout your home. Curtains are one of the most popular window dressings for Parisian styled Art Deco interiors, and are generally paired with thicker, more solid curtains for extra privacy and textural elements. If you have floor to ceiling windows or French doors in your home, consider adding sheer curtains as the first layer, then pairing that with either a richer coloured curtain, or even a neutral tone – depending on the Art Deco avenue you have decided on.

Not only is this perfect for visual appeal, but throughout the year, these curtain pairings are great for keeping the warmth in your home, keeping the coldness out, and even blocking out any harsh sunlight that is at risk of damaging your furniture.

Roman Blinds

Thanks to the finish of Roman blinds, they are one of the more perfect solutions for Parisian Art Deco window treatments. Despite their design, these blind solutions are perfect for those looking for a light filtering option, sun protection, but also blockout opportunities for nights spent at home watching movies, or a good nights sleep. Roman Blinds look their best when they’re installed in a neutral tone, blending seamlessly into your Parisian interior, complementing your furnishings, but also paying a gentle ode to mother nature.

If you have classic French doors in your home, Roman Blinds will make a gorgeous accompaniment – as they’re easily suspended, easily lowered, offer optimal privacy, and look absolutely timeless when on full display in the home.

Panel Glide

Parisian Art Deco is known for its minimalism, textures, and curved furnishings. The best thing about Panel Glide blinds is that for Art Deco window dressing, they provide almost all of the same elements – they’re minimalistic and offer a great balance of texture yet simplicity, all while delivering on privacy and light control. On that, if you’re someone who wants to invite the outdoors into your home, these blinds will be the perfect complementary window treatment, eliminating any stress about sacrificing looks for functionality – if you have larger scale windows and doors in your home, Panel Glides will be your best friend.

If you really want to maximise on your window treatment options, Panel Glides can also be paired with Roller blinds and Roman blinds as well, also coming in a complete blockout option for those spaces where light filtration really matters.

Verti Shade

Verti Shade window coverings offer a new level of elegance for the interior of any home but look more pronounced when paired with a Parisian interior design. These two styles are a match made in heaven. Verti Shades are a great window dressing for homes with little children as well, as it eliminates the chord option and offers a wand mechanism in place – keeping the family safe. Verti Shades are a versatile option being part curtain and part shades, allowing you to walk through the fabric folds, and adding a soft touch to your space.

If you’re looking for that one last complementary finish to your interior design, Verti Shade window coverings will provide that, and so much more, when searching for Art Deco window treatments.

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