Best Blinds for Large Windows and Doors

Finding blinds for large windows can be tricky, as most ready-made blinds are made for regular-sized windows, nor do some styles suit large spaces. This can significantly narrow down your options, resulting in the need for expensive custom-made blinds or ill-fitting window treatments. Luckily, there are a few window covering options that are tailor-made for large window areas, offering functionality and durability without compromising on style. In today’s blog, we look at the best blinds for large windows and doors, including our personal favourites, vertical blinds, and panel glides.

Best blinds for large windows and doors

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the best blinds for large windows and are often used on sliding doors. With adjustable slats, vertical blinds offer a degree of light control that many other types of blinds can’t, allowing for complete blockout, filtering or full light. These types of blinds are incredibly resilient, and individual slats can be replaced if stained or damaged. If you’re looking for a flexible window treatment that can be custom fit for large window areas, vertical blinds are a perfect choice.

Panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds are a stylish, minimalistic alternative to vertical blinds, and are especially popular with cinema rooms. With an easy-to-use sliding mechanism, panel glide blinds are a good option for people with limited mobility, as it operates using a simple wand. The large panels can be custom made to fit any size window or sliding door and can be neatly stacked behind one another. These types of interior blinds are available in sunscreen, light filtering and blockout fabrics.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are beloved for their simple elegance and timeless appeal, easily looking at place in every room, ranging from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. For large windows, consider installing two or more roller blinds next to each other. This makes it easy to control the amount of light streaming through various parts of the room, as you can opt to roll both up or just one.

Best window coverings for large windows

Custom made curtains

If you love the dramatic sweeping statement of drapes but worry you won’t be able to find any large enough for your windows, custom made curtains are a fantastic option. With these, you can choose everything from the material, fabric density, cut, colour and style, down to fixtures and fittings such as tiebacks, headboxes and tassels.

Best blinds for large windows: What to look for

Light filtering, sunscreen or blockout?

When shopping for window coverings for large windows you’ll want to take fabric density into consideration. For example, if you’re covering large windows for a cinema room or bedroom, you’ll likely want to opt for blockout materials. Comparatively, a kitchen may look better with a light filtering fabric to allow sunshine to softly enter the room. If you choose double roller blinds, you have the option to choose booth sunscreen and blockout.


When it comes to choosing blinds for large windows, high-quality material is key to longevity. This is because window coverings for large windows tend to be used quite often, especially if the blinds are covering a sliding door. Opting for high-quality window coverings will save you a lot of time and money in the long run and ensure that your window coverings last for years to come.

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