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Best Blinds For Privacy and Light

There are a number of different blinds that homeowners invest in for the sake of privacy and, thankfully, with the variety that is available, you can also match these up with the aesthetic of your interior. Although you may want blinds purely for privacy, natural light is an important part of our every day lives. When looking for blinds, it’s recommended that you look for the best blinds for privacy and light as well, giving you the best of both worlds at all times.

In this blog, we’ll be listing off some of the best blinds to let light in but provide privacy as well, ensuring the interior of your home (along with the privacy of your family and friends) is secured from wondering eyes at all times while remaining well lit.

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Best Blinds for Privacy and Light

Custom roller blinds

Along with optimal privacy, our custom roller blind options allow for great light control thanks to the shade functions that allow for quick and easy operation. At U Blinds Australia, our solutions, like the double roller blinds, are a popular choice among homeowners as they provide complete blackout functionalities when needed along with light filtering all in one. They also come in a variety of styles, allowing you to perfectly mix and match depending on the interior of your home.

Custom roman blinds

Manufactured with a durable, fade resistant fabric, our roman blinds are another stunning option for homeowners that want the best blinds for privacy and light. Although they cover your windows completely, blocking 100% of the outside from looking in, it’s sheer enough to provide optimal natural light while boasting a fabric that has been designed specifically for the Aussie heat, protecting your furnishings from the harsh sunlight and risk of fading.

Panel glide blinds

Although panel blinds are ideal for blocking out light in your home, they still offer the ability to slide open and closed, giving you control of how much light and privacy you’re allowing in. The large panels immediately block light from entering a space, preventing furniture and flooring from fading due to the sun’s harsh rays. Panel glide blinds stack effortlessly when open, allowing light to flow through effortlessly.

Twin shade blinds

There are multiple advantages to twin shade blinds, including the ability to block out views completely or simply restrict them if you please. While most blinds provide similar choices, the way the slats are positioned on our twin blinds allows for more dispersed light rays to peer through, making it easier for a wider space to be well lit instead of a direct zone in or around the vicinity of the windowpane. For the best blinds to let light in but provide privacy, our stunning range of twin shades are the way to go.

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