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Best Living Room Curtains

A living room is more than a place to sit. It’s a designated area in a home where family and friends come together to spend time with one another, a place you go to when you need or want to relax, and a place to unwind after a long day of work. Adding the best living room curtains to these areas can make a significant difference to the overall interior of your home, but it can also complement it, and add a touch of character.

The living room should be a gathering place for family and friends. Adding drapes to any space, whether it’s big or small, can make a significant difference in terms of the overall atmosphere—and brightness—of your area. We’re sharing some of our favourite living room curtains to fit every design style so you can adapt your space into a stunning above. Looking for good curtains for living room spaces? Keep reading!

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Good Curtains for Living Room


Choose a fabric that you know you’re going to enjoy for years to come, whether it’s dark or light, coarse or smooth materials, the options are endless and can be tailored to complement the interior of your living room. There are a variety of fabrics that are used to make the best living room curtains and U Blinds Australia, we offer a wide selection for you to choose from including cotton, linen, silk, and velvet and synthetic textiles such as polyester.


For the sake of your own privacy, you’ll want to fine the best drapes for living room spaces and that are specifically designed to completely cover the window and keep curious eyes out. If this is your goal, you may wish to pair shades or blinds with drapes, providing optimal coverage. If you choose a combination, you’ll have extra options for the curtains since they won’t have to be as translucent. Our custom curtain solution will give you the option to choose between a wide variety of designs, materials, and colours, giving you the best choice to pair sheer and full curtains together for a chic and secure finish.


Fabric weight is an overlooked, yet important fundamental to selecting your new curtains. heavier fabrics will make a space feel warm and inviting all year long, even in the coldest months or when it’s raining outside. Wispy sheers, on the other hand, allow light into a north-facing living room during even the greyest of days – brightening the space with complete natural light.


The best thing about U Blinds Australia is that we provide a wide range of different curtain designs that are made-to-measure, ensuring they perfectly fit your home the way you envisioned. Not only that, but if you can’t seem to find exactly what you want, we will custom create your desired curtains, bringing the interior of your living room to life. All you have to do? Is let us know what you’re wanting, the specifics, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Features & Benefits of U Blinds Curtains

When it comes to the best drapes for living room interiors, think of U Blinds Australia. With our incredible range of custom fabrics and designs, we’re able to tailor make the perfect curtain for your living room, bringing it to life and adding the perfect touch of character.

  • Wide selection of fabrics to suit all décor styles
  • All heading styles available including the popular S Fold for a soft look
  • Double tracks to suit sheer and blackout applications
  • The ability to combine blinds and curtains to complement your home

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