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Interior Design Trends 2022

One of the major changes we’ve seen to interior design in 2022 are purchases that are more so investments than cheap wins. People are furnishing and decorating their homes with items that they know are going to last a long while, meaning they’re getting their money’s worth as time goes on. The interior design trends 2022 has brought us are heavily influenced by European culture, more so the Mediterranean aesthetic.

Throughout much of 2020 and 2021, people took their interior, outdoors – and it looks like that’s an ever-progressing trend that isn’t going to go away any time soon. As we find our feet around the world again, and with a yearning for the great outdoors, the future of interior design is looking more promising than ever.

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Interior Design Trends 2022 Has on Offer

Minimalism & Zen Designs

Minimalism has many interpretations, which is what makes its appeal so fundamental interior design. For the most part, it’s focus relies on being purposeful with the intent to buy something, ensuring it’s a functional item that serves a purpose within your home. Gone are the days of décor and items that can’t be used or take up space. The future of interior design is bringing more of a useful touch to everyone’s homes.

Earthy Tones

Ochre, clay brows, olive greens and other earthy tones have become a major drawcard for interior trends this year. With our need to be closer to nature, homeowners have been adding earthy colours, textures, and tones throughout their home wherever possible. For example, marble backsplashes, timber accents on cabinetry or across floorboards, recycled furnishings, and the like. With an increased awareness of the harm of synthetic fibres and materials on our environment, it’s no secret that earth based colours and textures have made a statement throughout 2022 interior design trends. A popular addition to earthy trends are things such as timber venetians – something that’s a timeless and classic touch no matter the popularity of ever changing trends surrounding interior design.

Hand-Made Touches

New levels of comfort have also been a popular trend throughout much of 2022 and looks like it’s going to continue throughout the year and beyond. As much as being purposeful with our buys is important, comfort and simplicity is also at the forefront. Everyone want’s to feel ‘at home’ and are focusing heavily on simplistic decorating and handcrafted goods to bring that warmth and lived-in feel to their interior. Not only that, but it brings a sustainable element to any home.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Natural fibres are big news in 2022 interior design trends, particularly bamboo, wool, linen, and linen/cotton mixes, all of which offer a laid-back chic and natural vibe to any room. Regardless of the space, floor to ceiling curtains at volume and opulence without taking away from any other aspect of your home – bringing a soft touch to the area while allowing for natural light to peak in when you need it. Floor to ceiling curtains are the perfect choice for those who want maximum light control, with the ability to layer as you please, or keep it simple and sleek. At U Blinds Australia, our custom curtain service gives you full design freedom to ensure you’re getting what you want for your home.

Natural Elements

Something that came to be of prominence over the last few years is bringing mother nature inside the home. It’s no secret that greenery improves our state of mind, which is why we’ve seen plants, sunrooms, and outdoor décor making statements from our living rooms to bedrooms over the last few years. Biophilic designs is encouraging a close connection to nature, allowing humans to better co-exist alongside Mother Earth Day in and day out.

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