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Choosing Coloured Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are an increasingly popular choice for those looking to decorate their home with quality window coverings. They are favoured due to their dual usage, as they offer a way for you to style your interiors while still providing all the necessary privacy benefits expected of traditional window coverings. Coloured shutters are a way to take this design choice even further, as the range of colours available allows homeowners to find the right shutters to perfectly complement their home.

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Options for Choosing Coloured Shutters

Blend with Your Interior

If your home’s interior already possesses a focused colour scheme, it can be effective to choose window shutter colors that are the same. This helps complement your current look and creates a space that is cohesive and visually appealing. This works particularly well with a white colour scheme as it creates a classic and elegant look for your home, while a darker colour scheme can result in a space that feels warmer and calmer, promoting a space for rest and relaxation.

Play with Contrast

Contrast is a highly effective design choice for creating bold interiors that complement one another despite their differences. They say that opposites attract and that is also true for interior design, as coloured shutters that clash with your home’s interiors can create an eye-catching look that your family and houseguests will love. Black shutters look great with white walls, while the opposite is also true. White in particular provides an effective base to contrast coloured shutters such as red, blue, and even green shutters blend well with white neutral walls. If your walls are coloured, consider coloured shutters that complement the design, such as red paired with blue, or yellow paired with green. It is worth experimenting with different colours to find the perfect look for your home, as you may find a design that is uniquely yours.

Highlight Your Window Trims

Before choosing window shutter colors, it is important to consider the colour of your window trims. As your trims will be surrounding your shutters, the best option is typically to choose shutters that are the same colour as the trims to create a cohesive design. White shutters blend well with white trims, and so forth. If you cannot find the exact same colour or wish to go for a different look entirely, a contrasting colour to the trims is the next best option. This creates a considered look that enhances your home, while avoiding having guests wonder if you chose the wrong colour for your shutters by accident.

Consider the Effect of Sunlight

Being a window covering, your coloured shutters are going to be subjected to the sun half the time. Sunlight can have a transformative effect on shutters, with certain colours becoming brighter and more vibrant when exposed to the sun. The impact of this depends on how much natural light is cast into your home and the rooms you are decorating, so the sun will have more of an effect for some homes and less of an impact for others. Choosing a colour that looks perfect even when in the sun ensures your home looks great no matter the time of day.

Complement Your Home’s Style

Does your home already possess a signature style that you have cultivated through its design and furniture? Look to choose window shutters colors that follow this same style to ensure they are not disruptive to the rest of the home’s design. If your home features a more contemporary look, consider using softer colours, such as white, to complement your home’s traditional style. If you live in a home that is more modern and colourful in its design, however, bold colours are a great way to elevate your home’s look.

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