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Energy Efficient Security Doors

What makes a great security door? It should protect and defend, of course – and today it can also be attractive and stylish. But did you know that energy efficient security doors can also help ventilate your home or business, and actually help lower your utility bills? Let’s take a look.

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Durable & Strong

Before it can help out with the air conditioning bill, a mesh security door has to be able to stand up and fight against intrusion. In the past, this required heavy construction and solid door surfaces, for a security door that inevitably shouted its presence. 

But not any longer – advances in metals and fabrication have made it possible for us to custom make very strong security doors from a metal mesh material that lets air and sunlight inside, as well as looking much more attractive and blending in to any design scheme.

Corrosion Resistance

This is an important part of security door engineering. The door will spend its service life exposed to outdoor weather. Rust and other corrosion will not only look bad – they may also weaken the door. 

It is very important that security doors are fully protected against the effects of climate. Our SecureForce security doors are powder coated. It is one of the strongest, longest-lasting metal finishing processes available.

316 Marine Grade Mesh

What is it, and what can it do for you? It’s a top-grade stainless alloy material that is highly resistant to attack by salt water, making it an ideal choice for marine-exposed environments. Our SecureForce mesh security doors are available constructed of this high-performance corrosion resistant material, so they’ll be standing guard for years to come even in the most challenging conditions.

It may seem that your location would not benefit from this upgrade, but many do not realise that if you’re within about 10 km of a saltwater coast, your home is subject to a steady stream of windborne salt. You can’t see it, but it’s there, and it never sleeps. The closer you get to the coast, the more salt your home will be getting. 316 marine grade mesh is a sensible choice for most homes in some of Australia’s best-loved areas.

Different To Your Traditional Screens

Nothing is more pleasant on a warm day than an outside door left open – with the screen door to keep out bugs, while allowing cooling breezes to come inside. All very nice, but it’s also an invitation to something more than breezes getting inside. 

In the past, in a world that was perhaps safer and more stable, little thought needed to be given to this idea, and in any case, there was no solution available. Today you can open an outside door and leave your mesh security door closed and locked – fresh air and sunlight come inside, bugs and whatever else stay outside. You get the best of both worlds.

The Worst Tests for The Best Product

The only way to know if one of many energy efficient security doors is up to the task is to conduct practical testing that duplicates real-world threats. The Australian Security Door Standards must be met before a door may be labelled and sold as a security door.

  • Knife Shear Test – A heavy-duty cutting tool is dragged along a security mesh. The cutting blade is changed to a new one for each pass.
  • Impact Test – Five heavy impacts are made on a security mesh. It must withstand all of them without failing.
  • Anti-Jimmy Test – A strong lever like a crowbar is used in an attempt to pry a security door’s lock and jimmy it pen.
  • Pull Test – Attempts are made to pull apart the mesh of a security door. Usually done as a follow-up to the Anti-Jimmy Test,
  • Probe Test – Duplicates an intruder trying to make a gap at the bottom of a security mesh so they can open a window.
  • Shear Test – Similar to the knife shear test, the security mesh is attacked with heavy cutting pliers.

Guarantee of Quality

A security door may appear simple, but it’s actually a complex product that requires competent design and good workmanship to remain reliable and fit for purpose. 

Our SecureForce mesh security doors carry our industry-leading five-year guarantee against corrosion – an assurance of quality that will stay with you, providing safety and peace of mind.

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