Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

There are plenty of design options when it comes to a bedroom makeover, but none as timeless as minimalistic design. Characterised by its neutral colour palette, straight lines and splashes of greenery, minimalistic design offers a sense of tranquillity, making it the perfect option for bedrooms. And best yet, it’s one of the simplest design styles to incorporate, as the focus is more on quality pieces than collecting various knick knacks and furniture. In today’s blog, we look at minimalist bedroom ideas, including a few simple ways you can get the luck without breaking the bank.

Minimalist bedroom ideas

Minimalist bedroom ideas #1: Keep your colour scheme neutral

Minimalism is all about keeping things simple, and a neutral colour palette plays a large role in that. This might involve whites, beiges and greys but can even include taupe, brown and earthy greens. A minimal colour palette not only creates a calm atmosphere but can help to open up a space, which is especially good if your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

Minimalist bedroom ideas #2: Declutter your space

As the name suggests minimalism focuses on keeping things to the minimum – meaning clutter need not apply. A minimalistic bedroom for example, wouldn’t be home to various knick knacks or mismatched furniture. Instead, focus on the fundamentals – a bed, bedside table, some greenery and of course, a focal point such as a large mirror or abstract painting.

Minimalist bedroom design #3: Incorporate clever storage

Clever storage is key to minimalistic design, as it helps you to hide away items without adding clunky, space heavy furniture pieces into the environment. Floating shelves are a favourite amongst minimalist design lovers, as are concealed shelves.  You can even opt for a bed frame/clever storage combo, which comes with shelves under the bed itself.

Minimalist bedroom design #4: Invest in quality

Less is more, which means you have the option to spend a little more on quality items instead of collecting various pieces. This might include a statement art piece to break up the space or a high-quality timber bed frame. If you plan on redoing your bedroom, we recommend choosing your bed first, and layering the rest of your bedroom décor around it.

Minimalist bedroom design #5: Choose the right window coverings

Selecting the right window coverings is paramount to completing your minimalist look, as heavy hunky curtains or patterned drapes can quickly detract from the space. We highly recommend roman blinds and roller blinds, as the simple and elegant design makes the perfect solution for privacy without commanding too much attention. Similarly, light sheer curtains are also a big favourite, and can help to create a whimsical, coastal feeling – which pairs perfectly with light coloured furniture.

Minimalist bedroom ideas #6: Natural and raw materials

If you look up minimalistic design, you’ll quickly see that light timber is a heavily featured material. this is because timber can help to add some warmth to the design, which can stray into stark territory if only light colours are used. Timber and the addition of greenery scattered throughout the space can help create some nuance, bringing harmony and symmetry to your bedroom.

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