The Styles of Awnings and Awning Mechanisms

Awnings make a wonderful addition to any home, offering protection from light, noise, outside viewers and even protection from potential thieves. But with so many awning options available, it can be easy to see why homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed by choice. In today’s article, we take a deep dive into the different styles of awnings and awning mechanisms available and which types are best suited to your lifestyle.

Folded arm awnings

Folded arm awnings are perfect for homeowners who like to entertain outdoors, as the awnings can be folded away during cold months and pulled out in summer. The awnings mechanisms can be operated manually or motorised with a sensor to retract when nobody is using the space. As one of the most versatile awnings, folded arm awnings are available in over 50 fabrics and colours.

Folding arm awnings are perfect for homeowners who want the option to retract awnings.

Pivot arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings attach to the outside of a house, protecting a home from harsh weather and hot air. Made from fabric, these styles of awnings are stylish and practical, adding a decorative element to a home as well as additional protection. The awnings mechanisms operate by pivoting in an arc-like motion, giving you control to allow as little or as much air circulation as you need. Engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, pivot arm awnings are built to last years without fading.

Pivot arm awnings are perfect for homeowners who want motorised options or awnings for second storey windows.

Aluminium louvre awnings

Aluminium louvre awnings are one of the strongest styles of awnings available, engineered to withstand warping, breaking, tearing, or ripping. They can also withstand moisture heavy environments, which makes them the perfect outdoor screening solution. With proper maintenance, aluminium louvre awnings can last fifteen years or more, and individual panels can be replaced when needed.

Aluminium louvre awnings are perfect for homeowners who want a tough awning built to last years.

Fixed canopy awnings

Fixed canopy awnings add a decorative touch to any home, and can be custom made in various colours, fabrics, and shapes to fit any size window. these fabrics are manufactured to suit Australian standards, which means they won’t fade or warp from harsh sunlight. These awnings will ensure your furniture and flooring is protected from the sun and save you money on energy bills as you won’t have to rely on air cooling systems as much.

Fixed canopy awnings are perfect for homeowners who want low maintenance awnings.

Straight drop awnings

This traditional awning operates similar to a blind and is a popular option for enclosing verandas. Available in a wide range of fabrics, ranging from acrylic, mesh, and canvas, straight drop awnings are ideal for homeowners who like entertaining outdoors. This is because the awnings can effectively block out the sun and ward guests from pesky mosquitoes.

Straight drop awnings are perfect for homeowners who love to entertain on their veranda all year round.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are one of the strongest awning options available, safeguarding your property from both harsh weather and potential break-ins. These styles of awnings are suitable all year round and are even coated in a special powder finish to provide protection from sea fair. Using simple roll-up awnings mechanisms, these roller shutters can come with a motorised option and even a solar system. For optimum light, privacy control and noise reduction, roller shutters are a perfect choice.

Roller shutters are perfect for homeowners who want extra security.

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