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Pairing Curtains with Plantation Shutters

When it comes to window coverings, there are almost endless ways to decorate your home to create a style that is uniquely yours. While curtains and shutters are typically used individually to enhance a space, pairing curtains with plantation shutters is a bold way to take your home’s interiors to the next level. Though utilising this concept may seem as simple as installing both plantation shutters and curtains, there are several dos and don’ts to be aware of when making this design choice.

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Best Tips for Pairing Curtains with Plantation Shutters

Match Your Interiors

This one might be obvious, but it is important to ensure your curtains and plantation shutters blend well with both each other and the rest of your interiors. Every part of your interior design should be serving the sense of style you are aiming to emulate in your home, and window coverings are a big part of that. While you want your curtain and shutter combo to be eye-catching and draw the admiration of visitors, you do not want them to be too disruptive that they take attention away from the rest of your interior. Consider using colours and materials that are best suited to your current style.

Maximise Privacy and Light Control

When it comes to blocking out both the sun and outside eyes, a combination of plantation shutters and curtains provides some of the best privacy and protection on the market. Shutters feature slats that can be opened and closed at will, while curtains can be closed or drawn to either view the world outside or close your home off entirely. Chances are if you are considering pairing curtains with plantation shutters, you are seeking to secure these traits for your home. If you are looking to only feature shutters and curtains in some parts of your home, identify which rooms are most vulnerable, whether that is a room that faces the sun or the street outside, and prioritise curtains and plantation shutters for these areas.

Don’t Install the Curtains First

When it comes to pairing curtains with plantation shutters, it is advised to install the shutters first to make the process easier. Shutters are going to be the part of your coverings that are closest to the window, allowing plenty of space to install curtains over the top of them. Having the shutters in first also ensures that when the curtain brackets are installed later, the curtains are clear of the shutter’s slats. While this makes installation easier, the combination is still able to be installed in reverse, meaning you are not forced out if you currently own curtains and are seeking to add shutters to the mix.

Ensure the Curtain Rod is Longer Than the Shutters

It is important to factor in the sizes of both your curtains and shutters before proceeding with installation. When purchasing a curtain rod to hang your curtains from, make sure it is longer than the shutters you are pairing the curtains with. Doing so ensures you are free to keep your curtains open to fully showcase your shutters. Installing a shorter rod means your curtains will always be blocking your shutters in some way, making it harder to adjust your shutters while restricting their usage. Curtains that partially block shutters are also less visually appealing than a curtain and shutter combo that showcases both coverings.

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