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Guide to Office Window Coverings

Whether you’re working from home, or you work in a commercial office space, window coverings are a pertinent design aspect to ensure natural light control is in effect. Especially living in Australia and dealing with our level of heat, it’s important to incorporate office window coverings that keep team members comfortable, furniture undamaged, and the internal temperatures at a comfortable level.

With a number of window treatments available across the market, it’s good to know which specific makes are going to not only complement your office space but provide a functional aspect across the board.

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Office Window Treatment Ideas

Sheer Curtains

Natural light is an important aspect of working in an office. It is known that workers exposed to natural light experience less of common issues such as headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and irritability – in comparison to those working under heavy fluorescent lighting. Useful in both home offices and commercial office spaces, Sheer Curtains are a chic window covering solution that adds a soft touch to any interior and allows the perfect amount of natural light to filter into the zone. This minimises the need for additional (and unproductive) lighting, and creates a barrier between those outside of the office, and those working on the inside.

PVC Shutters

When it comes to designing your home office with the intentions of it reaching its fullest functional potential, while maintaining a comfortable environment, PVC Shutters are really nice office window treatment ideas to consider. Being a lighter shade (generally white), PVC Shutters assist in brightening your space and creating a zone of solace and ‘zen’, assisting you in feeling proactive, energised, and focused when in work mode. As mentioned, natural light is important for those who work in an office, and with shutters like these, natural light filtration will cease to be an issue.

Blockout Curtains

For those office spaces where direct sunlight is an issue, Blockout Curtains can be used as a solution. Not only that, but they’re a great alternative if you’re wanting to pair them with sheer curtains for maximum visual impact. Blockout Curtains are also beautiful office window coverings that add a touch of opulence and class to your workspace and can work to eliminate light in those important rooms (such as a boardroom) for presentations, important meetings, conferences and so on. These curtains also provide a great level of light control to both your employees, and you, should you prefer these specific curtains in your home office.

Timber Venetians

Much like PVC Shutters, Timber Venetians are a beautiful addition to home office spaces. What makes them slightly different is the functionality aspect, with Timber Venetians offering the ability to have the timber slats opened and closed, but with an added bonus of a drawstring that pulls the venetians up, letting you have complete view of the outdoors at your pleasure. For those working from home, this takes natural lighting to the next level, giving you control of how much light, and how much of the outside world you let in on a day-to-day basis. Timber venetians are offered in a sleek white finish, if you’re wanting more of a Hampton, minimalistic touch, or you can go the traditional route of the natural timber look.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Office with U Blinds Australia

Office window coverings can make all the difference to a workspace, which is why we find choosing the right solution important. With our range of window curtains and plantation shutters among others, we have some of the highest quality window treatments available. Get in touch with U Blinds Australia by calling us on 1300 303 391 today or find your nearest showroom if you’re interested in purchasing and installing from our collection.





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