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Plantation shutters are extremely popular in Brisbane, as elegant window coverings that also protect a building and the people inside from the elements. The sun shines down hard in the city of Brisbane, but plantation shutters filter it, so it dances around the room lightly. The effect is comforting and beautiful. This week our shutters team shares their top 6 benefits plantation shutters Brisbane homeowners love.

6 Benefits that Plantation Shutters Brisbane Homeowners Love

Put yourself in control

Plantation shutters also offer great levels of privacy and give homeowners control over how much privacy they actually have. Shutters can be easily adjusted from completely closed to completely open, depending what your requirements are. While shutters are fixed to your windows permanently, they are also highly flexible so that you can create the home environment that you desire.

An investment for your home

Brisbane homeowners often choose plantation shutters because they want to make an investment in their home. Shutters are fixed to windows and custom-made for the exact house that they are fixed to. They stay on the windows as a permanent feature, and when the house is sold, the shutters go with it.

Homebuyers are often attracted to buying a property with plantations shutters, because they look great and contribute to making a unique and beautiful building. Homebuyers will often buy a property that they simply fall in love with, and plantation shutters are all about spreading the love! These shutters are undeniably romantic and fill their rooms with comfort and good cheer.

Find charm in a busy city

Plantation shutters will inspire you to stop and rest a while – maybe curl up with a good book and occasionally glance up to see the light dancing through the slats over the window. In the city of Brisbane, moments like these are important. With so many people rushing around in a fast-paced lifestyle, you will want to find somewhere to unwind, find peace and be yourself. Plantation shutters are filled with charm and add character to any style of home in the city of Brisbane.

Long-lasting window coverings

Plantation shutters are durable and will last much longer than curtains and blinds. They can be cleaned easily by wiping them over with a damp cloth, and there is no need to put them in the laundry or worry about damp getting into fabrics. Plantation shutters are the right choice for your Brisbane home, if you are looking for a long-term solution for window coverings.

A variety of styles

Plantation shutters are available in different designs, colours, styles and materials. They are highly versatile, so it does not matter if you have a traditional or contemporary home. Your shutters can be simple or stand out as features in your room. Go crazy with bright colours or unusual materials or stay conservative and embrace the good old-fashioned charm that they offer.

Let the sun in, or keep it out

Plantation shutters will shield you from the Brisbane sun on a hot day or let it all shine in during the months of winter. Brisbane is well known for its level of sunshine, and plantation shutters allow you to choose the right amount of it for your home.

Want to Find Out More?

At U Blinds Australia, we stock both PVC plantation shutters and timber plantation shutters designed to fit a wide variety of windows and home décor styles. Whether you’re building or renovating a home, shutters provide a timeless and elegant look to every home. If you’d like to find out more or have a question about our range of shutters, get in touch with our plantation shutters Brisbane team on 1300 303 391 today.

Updated 23/12/2020

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