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Pros and Cons of PVC Shutters

PVC shutters are a type of window treatment that is made from polyvinyl chloride, also commonly known, and referred to, as PVC. PVC shutters are a popular choice for many homeowners thanks to their durability, low maintenance, and easy to clean surfaces. Their simple design means they coordinate perfectly among a number of interiors and are offered in a few different shades to make your options diverse.

PVC shutters are more of a durable solution than timber shutters, and also boast no warping or cracking over time. The best part? They are also resistant to water damage, making them a great window treatment for your bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

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Pros and Cons of PVC Shutters

Positives of PVC Shutters

Ease of Functionality

One of the more notable features of PVC shutters are their aesthetic design and ease of functionality. Not only are they a beautiful window treatment solution that can tie a room together, but their functionality makes them worth the investment. Choose the level of light you want to let into your home based on how far up/down you tilt the slats. For privacy, it’s essentially the same thing – depending on the angle you have the slats tilted, will also depend on how far people can see inside your home.

Aesthetic & Design

Another major benefit of investing in PVC shutters for your home is that they are generally offered in a range of colours and styles. This means, that regardless of your interior design, there’s always going to be shutters that suit your home. Whether you’re wanting a bright addition to your modern interior or a coastal look for your beachside abode, there will be a PVC shutter that is perfect for you and your home.

Considerations of PVC Shutters

Differing Resources

If you’re in the market for more of a sustainable window treatment option, PVC shutters won’t be first on the list. Unlike timber or bamboo shutters and their ability to be recycled, PVC solutions will more often than not end up in landfill at the end of their life. However, their durability and strength means they’re going to last years and years before this needs to become a consideration.

Lack of Insulation

PVC shutters are a window treatment that provide less insulation properties than perhaps some other window covering solutions on the market. They do, however, block out some level of the exterior temperature when they’re closed up and rolled down. If you’re looking to invest into specific window treatments that are going to retain heat during the cooler seasons or keep the interior of your home cooler during summer, PVC shutters are known to do half of the job.

Regardless of the considerations of PVC shutters, they’re a gorgeous choice for renovations, home remodelling, and simple facelifts to bring life back into the interior of your abode. If you’re looking for shutter solutions that are worth the purchase, trust that the team at U Blinds Australia will be there to help make the decision simple. With our years of experience in the industry, we’re a trusted source by so many homeowners across the region.

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