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Security Doors for Business – Safeguarding Your Workplace

If your business has a physical location, then it has an ongoing security situation that is not always apparent right away. Whether it’s a retail store, a workshop, a warehouse, or something else – its presence in the real world means it’s vulnerable around the clock to real-world threats. Business losses from retail crime amount to about four billion dollars per year in Australia. Businesses are four times as likely to be the victim of criminal activity as residential homes. With our security doors for business, yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

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U Blinds Australia leads the industry with innovative products for doors and windows. Our security doors will provide the protection your business requires, at a competitive price. Visit one of our convenient showrooms to see what we offer and talk over your needs with our helpful staff. You can also call 1300 303 391 with your enquires, or to arrange for our mobile showroom to visit you.

The Real World

The size of your business doesn’t determine the size of the threat, nor does the fact that nothing has happened yet make your business safe. No rational proprietor would think of doing business without adequate business insurance. A good security door is one of the best-valued items of insurance you can ever get. The effects of just one intrusion are likely to be severe and long-lasting. The effects of a failed intrusion are likely to be limited to touching up paint – and replacing some glass if you are unlucky. Often, the presence of a security door is enough to prevent an intrusion attempt altogether. Criminals will move on to a different business that didn’t secure itself properly.

How Does a Security Door Protect You?

A security door is built to be very strong, to resist heavy and repeated breaching attempts. The lock and lock plate will also be very strong, to defeat drilling, jimmying, and prying. A security door will be strong against attacks by cutting tools. Good commercial security doors are rigorously tested and meet Australian government standards. Modern security doors for business are designed to be attractive, to blend in with an upscale exterior and remain inconspicuous.

How Are Security Doors Installed?

To be effective, security doors must fit closely to the opening they are protecting. Quality suppliers will visit the premises and take measurements, so the door can be fabricated correctly. The door will require a strong framing to prevent removal – this may be present in the existing walls or may be fabricated and provided as part of the installation process. Good security doors fit in well with their surroundings, both physically and visually.

What About Cost?

Commercial security doors of high quality will always be more expensive than a standard door. This cost must be viewed in context – compared to the many costs of an intrusion, it is not at all unreasonable. Theft, damage, vandalism and even arson are the short list of possible outcomes when your security is breached. None of that will be inexpensive. An intrusion will have emotional as well as financial impact. Employee morale will suffer from the feeling of being unsafe at work, even if they don’t lose any personal possessions, or were not present in the premises at the time. The true costs of being unprotected go on and on. A good security door is a one-time cost – but the benefits don’t end.

Let Us Help Secure Your Business

Today is the day to begin giving your business the door and window protection it needs and deserves. U Blinds Australia is ready with the right product. In addition to security doors for business, we offer a wide selection of curtains and blinds. Come into one of our showrooms and see it all. Our staff is looking forward to assisting you and answering your questions. Or call us on 1300 303 391 with any enquires and arrange for our mobile showroom to come to you.

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