Smart Home Blinds

What are smart home blinds?

Smart home blinds use technology that allows you to move blinds up and down with just a push of a button or through voice activation. You can purchase ready to go automated blinds or rejig your existing blinds with smart home automation kits. Smart home blinds can even be automated to gently wake you up in the morning – which is far nicer than an alarm clock.

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What are some benefits of smart home blinds?

There are numerous benefits when it comes to installing smart home blinds.

Convenience: With smart home blinds, you’ll never have to worry about manually pulling blinds up and down again. With the touch of a button or shout to Alexa, you can let in the sunshine without ever leaving the couch.

Safety: Without a doubt, one of the biggest highlights to having a smart blinds control system is removing the need for dangerous chains and chords. These pulling mechanisms can often be quite tantilising to children and animals and run the risk of being a choking for strangling hazard. Ready bought motorised blinds are chain free and offer a safer alternative to traditional blinds.

Energy efficiency: Depending on how smart you want to go; smart home blinds can offer numerous energy saving solutions by being programmed to respond to changes in temperature. This means reacting to changes in the weather by closing blinds to retain heat when the temperature reaches a certain level or opening them when it gets warmer.

Security: Going on holiday and don’t want your home to look empty? Rather than leaving your blinds down the entire time or asking a neighbour to check in, you can choose instead to automate your blinds to open and close at certain times. You can easy mix this with an automated lighting system to switch on at night, giving the illusion that someone’s home.

Can I automate my existing blinds?

Wondering how to motorise blinds? If you’d rather optimise your existing blinds instead of purchasing a whole new set, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of smart home automation kits available for all kinds of blinds. However, it’s worth noting that attempting to automate a pair of blinds yourself requires some technical know-how and isn’t always as simple as attaching a levy to a motor – though there are those options available if you purchase a kit. It’s advised you buy rather than DIY and enlist in the help of a professional if you’re having too much trouble trying to figure out how to motorise blinds by yourself.


What sort of automating options are available?

When it comes to automating your blinds, the sky is the limit. Smart home automation can be as simple as moving your blinds up and down with a smart homes blind control, or as complex as sensor activated awnings that retract at certain levels of light intensity or when winds exceed a certain speed.

What are some of the best motorized blinds options available?

At UBlinds, we stock the best motorized blinds including Somfy, Acemeda and Dooya. These blind options can be used for roller blinds, venetian blinds and even cellular blinds.

Automate my blinds

We hope we’ve answered all your questions on ‘how to automate my blinds.’ If you have any more queries or would like to discuss automated blinds options in person, contact us or visit our nearest showroom to check out some of our amazing options.

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