The Best Awnings to Suit Your Needs

Nothing beats sitting on a pergola on a nice summer day, enjoying a beverage and a chat with family and friends. But considering how strong and unrelenting the Australian climate can be, some protection needs to be taken to ensure you and your guests don’t face the brunt of the weather. Outdoor awnings offer an effective solution to warding off the sun and make for a wonderful addition to the home aesthetically as well. But given there are so many outdoor awnings options available, it can be hard to know which type of awning is suited to your needs. To help, we’ve taken a look at the benefits of installing awnings in your home and the best awnings on the market.

The best awnings: What are the benefits of awnings?

Protects your home from the elements

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of awnings is their primary function of protecting the home from the elements. Awnings act as an additional barrier to your home and help to stop harsh weather from damaging your windows. They also offer protection to your guests when entertaining outdoors, meaning you’re free to entertain all day without worrying about sunburn or windy weather.

Great for outdoor entertainment areas

If you love to entertain on your deck and patio, outdoor awnings can help make the experience more enjoyable by providing shade for your guests. This is especially important during the hot summer months, as the harsh rays of the sun not only make being outside uncomfortable but also offers guests additional protection. The best retractable awnings allow you to control the temperature to have as little or as much sun exposure as you’d like.

Increases the value of your home

Awnings add value to a home as they’re aesthetically pleasing, help keep down energy costs and are considered a permanent fixture to the home. If you ever plan on selling your home, awnings are viewed favourably by potential buyers – especially if they’re used to protect an outdoor entertainment area.

What are the best deck awnings for sun protection?

All awnings are suitable for sun protection, but the most popular ones used in Australian homes are retractable awnings or folding arm awnings. These types of awnings are some of the best retractable awnings available and is constructed so that the frame of the awning retracts against the building. If you find yourself wanting to enjoy the sun and the shade, folded arm awnings are a good choice.

What are the best deck awnings for outdoor entertainment?

For the best outdoor awnings, look no further than folding arm awnings. These types of awnings are popular for decks and verandas as you can retract it to enjoy the sunshine or roll it out when the summer heat gets too powerful.

What are the best awnings for my energy bill?

Awnings such as aluminium louvre awnings are a terrific option when it comes to conserving energy, as they’re designed to deflect up to 90% of the heat that normally transmits through the window. These types of awnings are also ideal for airflow, as the aluminium slats make it easy for fresh air to pass through. This makes them one of the most effective temperature control awnings on the market, and one of the best outdoor awnings for Queensland homes.

What are the best awnings for windy conditions?

If you live in an area that experiences high wind conditions, it’s recommended you go for a fixed metal awning over a retractable one, as retractable awnings can sometimes break under pressure.  Fixed canopy awnings or aluminium louvre awnings are some of the best awnings for windy conditions, as their fixed metal frame is impervious to the elements.

We hope our article on ‘The best awnings to suit your needs has given you a good idea of the right awnings for your home. If you’d like to check out some of our awnings in person, be sure to head to the nearest showroom or call us on 1300 303 391 if you have any questions regarding outdoor awnings sold by U Blinds Australia in our stores.

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