Types of Awnings: A Guide

If you’re looking to protect the outside of your windows from the elements, there are plenty of outdoor awnings and blinds options available that won’t break the bank. In today’s blog, we take a look at how you can make the most of your outdoor space with various types of awnings, and which kinds of awnings are best suited to harsh weather conditions.

5 most common types of awnings


Folding Arm Awning

Folded arm awnings are one of the most versatile types of awnings available, as you have the most control with shade. Simply pull the awning out for full coverage from the sun or retract to enjoy the soft glow of a warm, summer’s afternoon. Like aluminium louvre awnings, folded arm awnings offer energy efficiency benefits and can block up to 80% of heat from entering through windows. If you’re looking for a simple awning for your outdoor area, a folded arm awning is a solid choice.


Aluminium louvre awnings

As the name suggests, aluminium louvre awnings are made from strong aluminium. This creates a strong, impenetrable barrier between your home and the outside world, whilst keeping your home cool in winter and warm in summer. A home that can retain heat requires less air conditioning, which also means a lower energy bill and healthier impact on the environment. Aluminium louvre awnings also have the added benefit of resisting wind, so if you live in a windy environment and need awnings for your home, aluminium style is one of the best options.

Auto lock arm awning

Auto lock arm awnings are one of the most popular types of awnings sold in Australia, as it’s engineered to withstand stormy weather. Of the awning options available, auto lock arm awnings are available in the most fabrics and colour varieties, meaning you’ll be hard pressed not to find awning material types to suit your home. Simple to adjust and built using high quality components, you can rest assured auto lock arm awnings will not only protect your home but last a lifetime too.


Pivot arm awning

 These types of awnings offer the most versatility out of all the awnings mentioned, as it can be used to enclose verandas and protect windows. Using either a crank operation or motorisation, pivot arm awnings can be added to the indoor or outdoor of a home, first storey and second storey. Pivot arm awnings are also available in various patterns and awning material types, which means you’ll be able to easily find a style to suit your home.


Veranda Straight Drop & Cord and Pulley

The veranda straight drop & cord and pulley is a simple yet effective screening solution to enclose veranda spaces. This allows you to entertain outdoors freely, without the worry of insects, rain, or harsh sunlight rays. Veranda straight drops are usually available in various awning material types ranging from clear and tinted PVC to sunscreen and acrylic fabrics.


Looking for high quality awnings in Australia?

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