The Best Weatherproof Awning Options for Your Home

Sun, wind, and rain will always be with us – and Australia has some of the best of all three. Sun and weather protection are top of the list for a truly comfortable home. Whenever you’re able to control sunlight reaching the interior of your home, you’ll save on cooling costs – and your floors, carpets, and furnishings will remain looking great for a lot longer. Choosing the right way to go is not always easy, though.

There are lots of choices, and not too much in the way of advice. Fitting your home with adequate sun and weather protection can be a big job, and if it goes wrong, expensive mistakes can be made. Starting out with professional advice for a weather proof awning or a similar solution is a very good idea.

Based on years of experience, we know what works. When we recommend a weatherproof awning, blinds and shutters, or other weather protection products for your home, you can be assured of great looks, great value, and lasting performance. Visit one of our convenient showrooms, and call 1300 303 391 with questions, or to set up a visit by one of our exclusive mobile showrooms.

Fixed Canopy Awnings

Simple and straightforward, the fixed canopy awning for windows is very strong and durable. Fixed canopy awnings have always been a popular and cost-effective answer to our robust Australian climate. They’re the classic rain proof awnings, available in a broad range of colours to complement any design. Made from aluminium, they’re lightweight, long-lasting, and need only occasional maintenance. They’ll keep looking good, and keep sun and rain away, for many years to come.

Pivot Arm Awnings

The classic angled window awning gets a new look and becomes much more versatile when it’s a pivot arm awning. A movable arm allows control of the length and angle of the awning, so it can be adjusted to be just right throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. For greatest convenience, the movement may be controlled from indoors. 

The shade material for this weatherproof awning may be a tough modern fabric, waterproofed and treated for UV resistance – or a synthetic flexible screening material that actually outperforms fabrics in heat rejection. With the screening, light is not completely blocked, and you can see the view outside, but those outside can’t see in. These solutions are meant for easy care. Just open up the blind, rinse off dust and dirt, and then let the sun do the work of drying.

Zip Screens

Highly versatile, adaptable to a great variety of residential and commercial situations and taking up almost no space. Those are the attractions of zip screens. The straight-drop format means they’ll fit in anywhere. They’re very popular as protection for home entertainment spaces like porches and verandas, and they are well-suited to outdoor dining areas at commercial venues where space is at a premium or extended awnings may not be allowed.

The wind-resistant screening is designed to block heat, let light in, keep insects out, and provide welcome privacy. Closely fitted to side channels, zip screens present a smooth, uncluttered appearance that improves and elevates any setting.

Aluminium Louvre Awnings

These handsome awnings are very much like louvred blinds. The angled louvers block intense sunlight but allow air and some light to pass, so your rooms stay cheerful and comfortable all day long. The louvres can be adjustable, so you can choose exactly how much protection you need, and you may specify indoor control for the ultimate in convenience. 

Aluminium construction makes them very durable. They’ll last for years with just minimal maintenance – hose them off and they’re ready to go. Any louvre that gets damaged can be replaced, so you would not have to replace the entire awning. Louvre awnings are available in a wide range of colours, to suit your taste and décor. And they’ll lower both your cooling and heating bills – by keeping hot sunlight out in summer and retaining indoor warmth in winter.

Roller Shutters

These are a step beyond traditional awnings. They’re a rollup metal covering for your windows and doors, fabricated from aluminium or steel. They offer maximum insulation and physical protection, as well as greatly reducing noise when closed – important if your home is near a busy road or active railway line. You’ll sleep much better at night enjoying peace and quiet, and knowing your home is highly secure against unwelcome visitors.

When storms come, just roll down these shutters – they’re the last word in rain proof awnings. You’ll be protected against wind, rain, and flying debris. Fire-rated roller shutters will also stop dangerous sparks and embers that could come inside through wind-damaged windows. Roller shutters help with utility bills, too – they offer insulation from the day’s heat, and they hold indoor warmth at night.

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