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Window Treatments for Hard to Reach Windows – Our Top 5 Ideas

Window treatments are a stylish way to decorate your home while maintaining privacy and temperature control. While your average windows are easy to style, some windows are far more complicated to treat either due to their size or location. Window treatments for hard to reach windows may seem like a hassle, but the benefits they provide for your home are worth the investment.

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The Best Window Coverings for Hard to Reach Windows

Motorised Blinds

If your windows are located high up enough that opening and closing coverings is an issue, motorised blinds are the perfect solution. Once the blinds have been installed, operating them is as easy as pressing a button. This means these window treatments for hard to reach windows can be activated from the comfort of your couch, making light and temperature control simple and convenient. Recent advancements in Blind motorisation have even seen control shifted to your smartphone, with apps available to control your coverings.

Skylight Shades

Staring up at the night sky as you lay in bed sounds perfect, but waking up with the full force of the sun on your face does not. If your home features skylights, it is difficult to find the right window coverings for hard to reach windows. Look no further than skylight shades, which have been specifically designed to fit the windows attached to your ceiling. Skylight shades, or Cellular shades as they are commonly known, are typically operated by moving them back and forth with a long object, like a broom handle.

Roman Blinds

As one of the most customisable coverings on the market, Roman blinds are perfect window treatments for hard to reach windows. They are well-suited to motorised options, while they can also be fitted with a long cord to make opening and closing them a breeze. Pairing functionality with style, roman blinds are visually appealing to look at while closed, while they offer a stylish border to your window frames when drawn open.

Louvre Shutters

Operated using a simple cord pulley system, louvre shutters are some of the most stylish window coverings for hard to reach windows. Louvre shutters typically tilt at an angle of 45 degrees, which makes it easy to cast natural light towards the ceiling or floor as you please. This also makes them great for privacy. Louvre awnings are also great for when you want external coverings for your hard to reach windows, as they are designed to prevent the sun from invading your space.

Roller Blinds

No matter the height or shape of your windows, Roller blinds are great for both light filtering and room darkening. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, roller blinds make for a great option if you are looking to create a custom design that perfectly suits your unique interior setting. Traditionally operated by a chain, roller blinds are easily raised or lowered to meet your demands and cover windows of all heights.

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