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Beach House Blinds

Have you recently purchased a beach house or are looking to redesign your current beachside property? Spending time in your private beach house feels like a much-needed retreat, and decorating your space with the right window furnishings helps turn your house into your own paradise. Whether you want to create an interior that matches your unique style or one that pairs well with the colour of your home, this blog is here to look at some of the best beach house blinds available. Choosing the right blinds can be tedious, as factors such as privacy and functionality need to be considered, which is why we’re here to help.

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The Best Beach House Window Treatments

Timber Shutters

When one thinks of a beachside cabin, they tend to picture a peaceful property decorated with plenty of wood, to match the coastal paradise aesthetic we all yearn for. Turn your beach house into your own resort home with these lovely timber shutters. No matter the style of your interiors, timber shutters match well with any setting while offering a beautiful view of the sea as waves crash in between your custom designed beach house blinds. Timber shutters are also easily maintained, meaning you get to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your oasis.

Shangri La Blinds

With a name that literally means paradise, Shangri La blinds are the perfect beach house window treatments. Not only do Shangri La blinds look gorgeous, but they are also easily adjustable, allowing you to control the amount of heat and light coming into your space to curate your interiors to your liking. They also offer terrific privacy if you are surrounded by other beachside properties, or if privacy is not an issue, the adjustable slats allow you to look out at the beautiful views your home provides.

Panel Glide Blinds

If your property features glass doors, Panel Glide Blinds are a great way to offer privacy without sacrificing style. Panel glides are a nice alternative to vertical blinds as they open your window and door spaces, allowing an unobstructed view of the sea and your surroundings. If your home also features an outdoor space, panel glides allow you to merge this area with your interiors, making them ideal beach house blinds. Their chainless design also makes them perfect for families with children, as it removes any potential hazards.


Those seeking the soft and comforting design of curtains should look no further than Vertishade blinds. Offering the look of curtains without sacrificing the utility of vertical blinds, Vertishade blinds protect your interiors from peaking eyes while still delivering a view of the outside world. Perfect for those who wish to roll out of bed and wake up to a view of the ocean, Vertishade blinds are stylish, elegant, and sleek, resulting in some of the best beach house window treatments.

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