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Most Popular Awning Styles

Ready to upgrade your windows with some great awnings? With so many styles and options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve put together this listing of popular awning styles, so you can begin making your selection. Everybody loves awnings in Australia – we are blessed with abundant sunshine and beautiful weather majority of the year, so good awnings make things much more pleasant.

At U Blinds Australia, our awnings are built strong to perform against the Australian climate. Our huge range of awning styles ensures that you’ll find one that’s right for your lifestyle and your budget.


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Folding Arm Awnings

Great for shading an outdoor area and for protecting windows, these awnings allow you to control the shade just how you want it, and they fold away when not in use. Motorised or hand operated, and available in a wide range of fabrics, folding-arm awnings are some of our most versatile offerings. Strongly built and available in generous sizes, they are well-suited for the Australian climate.

Straight Drop Awnings

Smart and contemporary in feeling, these space-saving awnings are perfect for shading and providing privacy to a smaller space. They also give excellent wind control. They are very popular in beach houses and at commercial venues like cafes that operate in busy surroundings. Available in a wide range of colours. Any casual environment will be enhanced by these beautiful awnings.

Veranda Awnings

Made for the open space below veranda roofs, available in a variety of attractive, durable screening materials, these awnings work with flat or raked roofs, shading the areas beneath from hot sun and protecting them from wind. U Blinds Australia is proud to offer this classic Australian look in awning styles for your outdoor spaces.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Your windows will open all the way with these awnings, so you get all the breezes and your house stays cooler in hot weather. Available in many different colours, and with gear, tape, or rope operation – as well as motorised crank mechanism. Operated from indoors as well as outdoors, they are suitable for second storey windows. In wide use for residential and commercial premises – a proven solution for heat control and privacy.

Lock Arm Awnings

Also known as storm blinds, these awning styles are the solution to sometimes unruly Australia weather. Engineered and built extra strong, they are well-suited to purpose while remaining attractive and stylish. Available in many colours and styles, they blend well with traditional or contemporary surroundings. Auto locking arm awnings are convenient and easy to operate – and great to have when the wind and rain begin.

Fixed Canopy Awnings

A classic look and one of our strongest awning styles, the aluminium construction of these fixed awnings makes them simple, dependable, and lightweight. Suitable for any location that needs protection, from a window to an entryway, to a large patio. They will remain durable and good-looking through many seasons and years of service.

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