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Best Curtains for Winter

As winter comes around, we do what we can to start making our homes feel warm, comfortable, and accommodating. Nothing feels worse than waking up early in the morning to an extremely cold house, we all know that feeling of the cold cutting through our bones. If you’re looking for ways that you can warm up your home in time for the cooler season, one of the best solutions are thick curtains for winter. This is a great way to stop the cold from creeping in, keeping it blocked out instead of radiating through glass windowpanes.

As well as keeping you cosy, adding curtains to your interior is a great way to add additional flair to any space, but for warmth, it all comes down to the material. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the best fabrics to insulate your home during winter, ensuring your day-to-day life is kept comfortable and manageable.

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Thick Curtains for Winter

Blockout curtains

Keeping the cold air out and the warm air in is the aim when it comes to the winter season. Although blockout curtains are generally used to keep the hot Australian sunlight out of our homes, they are also a brilliant solution for keeping the cold air outside. Not only do they blockout the sun, but they offer a bold statement to any room along with a soft, microfibre finish ensuring optimal warmth.

Burlap weave thermal blackout curtains

Hanging from a popular grommet top that allows you to easily install them, burlap weaved thermal curtains are a great addition to your home in winter. These curtains are a great investment as they also work to reduce external noise from filtering into your home, they also block out the sunlight, and UV rays while perfectly insulating the home against the cold.

Thermal room darkening curtains

The thermal room darkening curtains are specially designed to block the light and cold air out of any room they’re in thanks to the darkening yarn that’s woven right throughout the fabric. Along the top they’re detailed with silver grommets, making them easy curtains for winter to hang in any room around your home. For something that’s going to add a modern touch to your home, while being functional at the same time, these are the curtains for you.

Insulated grommet blackout curtains

These insulated grommet curtains are a great option for bedrooms, boasting a triple weave blackout fabric with easy to hang grommets across the top. With the opportunity to order these curtains in a number of different colours, you’re able to order a set to perfectly complement any bedroom. These curtains, as well as looking sleek, are used to minimise heat loss while blocking out any light. They’re affordable, stylish, and a high quality solution for heavy curtains for winter.

Solid fashion thermal insulated curtains

For a solution that’s going to elevate the interior design of your home while serving as a functional addition, a set of fashion thermal curtains will do the trick. Offering a simple yet stylish look, these curtains are perfect for year round use. With a rock pocket along the top, you can slide these curtains along any rod and install them into your home instantly.

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One of the most convenient aspects about choosing U Blinds Australia is our custom curtain solutions. No matter the style, design, or colour you’re looking for, our team will do it for you. Heavy curtains for winter are a must to keep your space feeling cosy, inviting, and comfortable during the cold season, especially if you have young children and pets that live indoors – as well as simply for comfortable living. If you have a specific design idea for your home, our team will work alongside you to ensure we create a product to your exact specifications.

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