Energy Efficient Blinds

Interior window coverings and blinds serve a number of different purposes. Any blinds you buy should be stylish, provide privacy, and even reduce outside noise. But it’s best if they do one more thing – they should also be energy efficient blinds. Living in Australia means living with summer sun and heat unlike anywhere else. You definitely want the best blinds to keep heat out of your home. 

Best blinds to block heat

Here at U Blinds Australia, we deal in shutters, curtains and blinds. Our customers often ask us about energy efficient blinds and energy saving blinds. This is often a major consideration when purchasing curtains or blinds, so we put together this list of the best blinds to keep heat out of your home or office. If you’re looking to buy some new energy efficient blinds or window coverings, these are some options to consider.

Custom Cellular Shades

When you install cellular shades, it is like installing two sets of blinds, and you will get all of energy saving benefits that two sets of blinds would give. This is due to the honeycomb cells that are formed by the fabric used to make cellular blinds. These cells hold a pocket of air and create a thermal barrier between the room and the window. But who wants energy efficient shade if they don’t look good? That won’t be a problem because our cellular shades look great too.

Sunscreen Window Coverings

When it comes to the best blinds to block heat, you can count on our Sunscreen window coverings to do the job. Sunscreen indoor blinds block the sun and keep the heat out. The secret to the efficiency of these blinds is in the fabric. The Sunscreens are made of a high-tech fabric that blocks damaging and heat-producing sun rays, while still letting enough light through so you can see outside. They look the part and are an excellent choice if you are interested in reducing your energy bill.

PVC Venetian Blinds

These polymer blinds have the look of real wood, but are cheaper and more durable. PVC Venetian blinds have the added property of being more energy efficient than many other blinds. They do this by being thicker than most other blinds, so the provide a more robust thermal buffer against the outside temperatures. They also come in a verity of colours and styles. The best part is that the colours don’t fade with exposure to sunlight like real wood does. 

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

We mentioned the benefits of PVC Venetian Blinds, but Aluminium Venetian Blinds offer many of the same benefits with a thinner profile. This is because aluminium does a better job at reflecting the sun rays than many other materials. Also, metal is denser than plastic, so it takes less Aluminium to create the same thermal barrier as PVC. Both kinds of Venetian Blinds are a great option. It comes down to if you want the contemporary look of aluminium or the traditional look of faux wood PVC.

Custom Curtains

The simple style and elegance of a set of curtains is truly timeless. It’s also very easy to customize your curtains to meet whatever energy saving requirements you might have. Curtains can be made to exactly fit any window – a better fit means better thermal insulation. Curtains can also be made to block out the sun or be made to let in just the right amount of light. They can even be made of insulating material. All of which will do wonders for your heating or cooling bill.

Which energy saving blinds are right for you?

As you can see, when it comes to blinds and curtains that keep the summer heat out, you have many options. U Blinds Australia is your source for energy efficient blinds, and we’re happy to help guide you through all of the different energy saving options that are available to you. If you are interested and want to learn more, you can contact us at 1300 303 391 to arrange a time to visit the nearest showroom or mobile showroom. We look forward to hearing from you.

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