Best Light Filtering Blinds

Sunshine is shown to have numerous benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing but finding a way to make the most of your homes natural light without incurring the wrath of the harsh Australian sun can be tricky. However, there are a number of light filtering window coverings available that give your home a warm summer glow without subjecting furniture to the harsh rays of UV. Our team at Ublinds have compiled a quick guide of the best light filtering blinds for your home that offer optimum privacy and light solutions.

Best light filtering blinds, shutters, and curtains

Roller blinds

When it comes to the best light filtering shades, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more versatile than roller blinds. Classic and simple, light filtering roller blinds create a gentle diffusion of light that gives your room a soft, summery glow. Available in neutral colours ranging from deep coffee browns to bright whites, light filtering roller blinds bring that extra special touch of class to every style and décor.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are perfect for allowing light to filter in without letting the suns harmful rays get too close. Popular for all rooms of the house, roman blinds allow you to ease out the effects of the sun without sacrificing style. With a large number of colours and fabrics to choose from, you can customise the type of glow you’d like your room to have. Whether it’s a cool light filtered from white blinds or a warm, fiery afternoon glow from burnt orange blinds.

Cellular shades

For energy efficiency and light filtering all rolled into one, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than cellular shades. Of all the best light filtering blinds, cellular shades are the most versatile as they can be placed on anything from living room windows to ceiling skylights. Cellular shades are also a great option for families, as there are no cords or pulling systems to worry about.

Shangri La

If mood lighting is your thing, you’ll love Shangri La soft Venetian blinds. Unlike traditional Venetian blinds, Shangri La is available in several soft fabrics and levels of translucency. You can either leave the angled slats closed and let the light softly diffuse through the fabric or open them for a burst of light. Shangri La blinds offer the most light control options and are a stylish way to tie in the look of your room.

Veri shade

For the appearance of a curtain and the versatility of a blind, consider Veri shades as an option. Fade resistant to even the harshest UV rays, Veri shades are perfect for areas with a large concentration of sunshine. If you have little ones around, Veri shades are incredibly safe as they have no cords or tracks to get stuck in.


If blinds aren’t your style, consider a pair of sheer curtains to add some oomph to your room. Designed to give you privacy whilst filtering in enough light, light filtering curtains can be paired with blinds to achieve the best of both worlds – such as a complete blockout for a movie day!

Best blockout blinds

If you’re looking to completely blockout the sun in your room, most of the blinds on this list are available in blockout options. However for a popular option, roller blinds are one of the best blockout blinds for bedrooms and can come fitted with head boxes and side channels for optimum blockout control.

Blinds, shutters, awnings

We hope we’ve given you an idea of the best light filtering shades for your home. If you’d like some more advice on deciding which shades and fabrics would suit your home, contact UBlinds and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible. If you have something in mind,  you can browse our range online or visit your nearest showroom for further information.

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